Save time and money

Reduce the costs of your recruitment process and recruit in half the time by streamlining the most time-consuming stage: sourcing.

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Save up to 50% time and cost in a hiring process

Talent Engine helps you halve or more the time it takes you to find candidates by reducing your search time to a minimum: in 2-3 days you can have good candidates interviewing with your technical team.

Optimise your sourcing effort

Searching on Linkedin is a horror. We know that. That's why with Talent Engine you won't have thousands of filters and hundreds of candidates to sift through. We do the search for you and present you with 5-6 candidates that fit you so you can decide who you want to interview.

Quality > Quantity

It's not about seeing more profiles or having more candidates. It's about knowing how to filter well so that you don't have to waste your time with hundreds of CVs.

1 out of 4 people we present end up being hired. We will only introduce you to the right people.

More time for you

By reducing the process time, you gain time for yourself. You can have more hands to handle more processes, to get closer to the technical team or for whatever you want.

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