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We work with human beings, above all else. That's why we won't focus on finding acronyms, but on helping you create teams with the right experience to meet your needs and, above all, introduce you to people with concerns and values aligned with your goals and culture (seriously).

Our value in real data, not opinions.


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Recruiting services

Our team of Account Managers have a tech background and speak your language. We will do a "discovery" session together with you to understand your real needs and not just a list of requirements, so that when we start the process we start with all the guarantees of success. We don't waste your precious time.

Does any of this ring true?
We are the team you need

A lack of confidence, not knowing what you are looking for or ignorance of the market can block a hiring process for a long time. We can save you time and money.

You don't receive applications

You find it difficult to find the right channels through which to contact the sort of candidates you need. You don't reach them, therefore you don't have enough applications.

The applications do not match what you need

A lot of unspecialised profiles apply to you. You don't find the expertise you need. You work with very specific technologies. And you don't know what's going wrong.

The process takes longer than expected

It slows down processes and not having the right person in the right role costs you money. You don't know how to recruit better and faster.

We are part of the Community

We have been building our community for years, as well as expanding our database with more than 35,000 Manfredites. They listen to us and respond when we set them a new challenge.

You receive quality candidates

We select the 3 best candidates from our search and applications to the offer. Don't expect quantity, expect quality. Candidates will fit what you need.

We manage the process with agility and efficiency

We can introduce you to good candidates in an average of 11 days. We interview them and accompany them throughout the process. You will have direct and weekly communication with the recruiter who is helping you.

Honest and transparent recruitment

If we want to change the recruiting industry, we need your help. We have an ethical commitment to transparency with companies and candidates. We publish salaries, companies and projects because it's the best way to get candidates excited about your project. We provide our data to the community and we have open-sourced our contracts, so you can see what our clients sign.

SysAdmin? UX/UI? Engineering Managers? They are much more than Backend Developers!

The Manfred Community is made up of all the roles that a technology-based company might need. Our database is made up of much more than just frontend and backend developers. Data Engineers, SRE, Product or Engineering Managers... Even design, marketing or sales roles. Do you think we can't cover that role you find so hard to fill? Leave it to us ^__^


Frontend, Backend, Full-Stack, Mobile


Analysts, Scientists, Engineers, ML, AI


SysAdmins, DevOps, SREs...


Product Managers, Heads of Product


CTO, Tech Lead, Engineering Manager


Product Designers, UX/UI Designers


Recruiters, Hiring Managers


Digital Marketers, Growth, SEO, SEM


SDR, Sales Manager, Account Managers...

What does our process look like?

Clarity and transparency from day one. These are the stages that all hiring processes that we follow here at Manfred. We will accompany you and the candidates throughout the entire process.


We will get to know your actual real-life needs and advise you, guided by real market data. We will define the specific position required, write the job offer and publish it on our Job Board.


Our Scouting team will look for the best people for your open position, both in our database, and through our channels used to spread the word on job offers (social networks, Telegram, newsletter, communities, etc.).


This is Manfred's validation phase. Our Scouts will interview candidates to assess that they meet your company's needs. From there, we will put you in touch with the 3 best matches.


Throughout the whole process we will be with you giving you our point of view or giving you feedback on what is going on with your process. We also like long-term relationships: we will be with you when you need to expand the team and we will do it faster and better, as we have already worked together.

Not sure?

Our main service is recruiting, but it is not the only one. If you need to advertise your offers in our community, we recommend Manfred Daily. If your problem goes beyond recruiting (salaries, talent attraction, team structure), a consultancy with our team will help you to make decisions and implement actions. And if you are looking for a tool to scale your company's recruiting... We will have it ready soon.


We find the people you need to keep growing, aligned with your project and your values.

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Manfred Daily

Our Telegram channel with daily job offers and over 15,000 subscribers. Want to give it a try? If your job listing needs some visibility, this is the place.

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You don't know where to start. You want to improve your hiring processes or you need to scale up quickly without losing your culture. We can jump in and help you right away.

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Talent Engine

Our SaaS to scale recruiting efforts. We have already launched it! If you want to try it, just let us know ;)

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Listen to those who know us first hand

Surely their opinion will serve you more than ours.

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What the FAQ?

Have a little look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still have questions that come to mind, please do reach out to us.

Quite a few things. Firstly, we are actual tech guys ourselves trying to change all that is wrong with the traditional way of recruiting.

We really understand candidates because we speak their language, and, from that standpoint, we can help companies find the best talent out there.

We manage talent, not recruitment processes. We believe in the potential of long-term relationships, not quick and insignificant transactions.

We focus on bringing value to both companies and candidates.

A good first step would be to complete the contact forms. Then we should meet, in person or virtually, to determine if we’re on the same page and it makes sense to work together.

Bear in mind, we’re not a huge company -we’re humans like you 😉-. Forgive us if our response time doesn’t approach the speed of light. Each of our scouts works with a limited number of candidates / companies in order to provide the quality of service each deserves.

We hope you’ll also try to put yourself in our shoes and not get too upset if we ask you to wait until we complete work already in progress. We don’t want to say “yes” until we’re able to provide you with the minimum quality levels we demand of ourselves.

Manfred's services are always FREE for candidates.

We have a success-based model for companies: if a candidate accepts an offer through Manfred, and only in that case, we charge the company a one-off commission of 15% of the candidate's gross salary for the first year. For example, if a Manfredite signs a contract with a gross salary of 50,000 euros, we will charge 7,500 euros to his new company.

Yes. Temporary exclusivity means that during at least a month we’ll be the only recruiter looking for the right candidate to fill a vacant position. Of course, this exclusivity doesn’t preclude any CVs you might receive through your own webpage or recommended by an employee.

Working “on spec” (we only charge if you hire one of our candidates) is an option, but doing so without exclusivity is a rat race, in which speed trumps quality. That’s a game we don’t want to play.

Well... The most important thing is that we are candidate-focused rather than offer-driven. Candidates are always our top priority.

The second is that all the decisions we make are focused on enhancing their long-term careers rather than just looking for the next place to work in the short term.

The third is that we partner with companies to develop the offers, literally. We don't look for a bunch of technologies embedded in a human being, but we try to understand and solve the needs of our customers.

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