Your career. Your rules.

Thousands of software builders share, compare, and grow their careers with Manfred. An open platform built by developers for developers.

A profile for software industry professionals.

We go far beyond a standard Linkedin profile. Share with the tech community your Open Source projects, your skills in different programming languages and much more.

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A «single source of truth».

Type it once, synchronize it everywhere. You can import in your data from LinkedIn, Monster, Infojobs to your Manfred profile... And, you can also synchronize any amends you make on it with other platforms. Your data will always be up to date with just one click.

Your data belongs to you. Period.

You have total control over all our data, including how and when it can be accessed as well as by who it can be viewed. You can also save your information in your own GitHub repository, so it will never be lost and you will always have it updated.

Career opportunities (real ones).

If you want, we can help you take the next step up in your career. Instead of filling out requirement checklists, we will find the perfect opportunity that fit your interests and ambitions. Kick start the process by filling in your profile!


1-Click LinkedIn Import

You will have your complete information in your Manfred profile in a flash.

Your Salary Benchmark

A tool to show you your relative position in the market, based on your profile.

Manfred Job Alerts

You will know what's happening with your job application to a Manfred offer, at all times.

First tools for companies

Recruitment companies will now gain autonomy in the management of their job offers in Manfred.

Finally, a standard Open Source CV

We have created a standard CV template using the open-source JSON schema, which makes it easier, to edit and update. With a public schema, you'll even be able to export your data to other platforms (including our competitors). Our goal is to protect your data, not to lock it.

Our Manifesto

We have created a better approach to technical talent recruiting, that gives you the control you need to build your career. What do we consider most important in the recruitment process?

People and their needs over CVs and job offers.

Symmetrical Information over Privileged Information.

Transparency over opacity.

Building careers over job searches.

Everything listed on the left is what we strongly believe in and where we add the most value as a company.

What the FAQ?

If you don’t find the information you are looking for here, please drop us a line.

We are a team with technical backgrounds, obsessed with the idea that recruiting can be done differently.
First of all, because Manfred will sync your data in all of these platforms anyway, but the most crucial thing is that we won’t own your CV. Your data is yours.
Unlike other platforms, with Manfred you will have complete autonomy and control over all your data. YOU decide how it is managed:
  1. You can easily export your data as a JSON file, in an open source format, whenever you want.
  2. You will be able to establish a two-way synchronisation between Manfred and your GitHub repo.
You can find all information related to the management and protection of your data in our Privacy Policy.
Of course! Just log in to your Manfred profile. Go to Settings, it's the central icon on the bottom left, and once inside, select the 'Delete account' option. Once you have deleted your account, we will delete all your personal information from our servers.

We help companies attract the technical talent they need. If we really believe a job role could be of interest to you, we will ask you if you want to go further.

If you are interested, we will support you during the whole process.
If you are not, we won't send your personal data to any company.

Manfred's services are always FREE for candidates.

And for employers, we have a success-based model in place: if a candidate accepts a job offer through Manfred, and only in that case, we charge the company a one-time commission of 15% of the candidate’s gross salary for the first year. For example, if a Manfredite signs a contract with a gross salary of €100,000, we will charge €15,000 to their new company.

We work with different kinds of companies, from startups to large corporations, but we apply the following conditions to all job application processes in which our candidates participate:
  • We obtain and publish detailed information about the position and the entire recruitment process (salary, conditions, responsibilities, phases, tests, terms, etc.) before deciding if it would be of interest to you.
  • We maintain contact with the company and keep you informed every step of the way. No more waiting around in the dark.
  • If you’re not hired at the end of the application process, we collect all the company’s comments with the aim of better understanding their decision and improving your chances the next time around.
  • If you receive a job offer at the end of the application process, we help negotiate your salary, if you want us to. Thereby strengthening your bargaining power.

Through our open-source contracts (available on GitHub), you have full transparency on every detail regarding how we work with the companies who use our services.
Of course, no matter where you live! There are Manfredites even in the most exotic of places 🙂.
On the contrary! It’s a name we give to anyone out there who is part of our community. If you want more information about the benefits and implications of being part of it, you can find it here.
You can drop us a line at, or if you want to contact someone directly, check the team members' profile here.
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