A compass to guide your salary

It is a fact: there is no public information on salaries. Salary transparency is still a pending issue. Thanks to the information from more than 30,000 profiles in our community, we have built the salary compass: a tool that will allow you to know and compare your position in the technology sector. Do you want to know where your salary is positioned?

I want to compare my salary

What can the compass do for me?

Real market information

The salary compass is powered by data from our Manfredite community —which already has more than 30,000 profiles—. The information you will have access to is real, just like life itself.

We care about the reliability of what we show

You will have access to all the decisions we have made to show you your position, because for each role you consult, we will show you which data we have taken into account, which have been excluded and why.

Data updated on a daily basis

The compass is scalable and sustainable. As the data it uses is provided by the community, it will always be up-to-date. You will be able to check if your conditions are in line with the market, even if the market changes.

Simulate with other roles

With the compass you can not only get your relative position in the industry, but also simulate positions with data of your choice. If a change in your career is calling you, it can be a good reference.

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What the FAQ?

We love that you ask us that question :P. If you already have a Manfred profile, you just need to log in. If you don't have one, creating it is easy-peasy, and you can do it here.

When accessing The Compass, we will ask you some questions to give you more useful and specific results, by comparing your profile with as similar a sample as possible.

This is a density plot whose data is calculated based on salary information provided by Manfreditas.

The data is based on desired salary, i.e. how much they want to earn, not how much they currently earn.

The data is based on desired salary, i.e., how much they want to earn, not how much they currently earn. With your help, we will collect the actual salary of a sufficient population to be able to include it in our estimates. For the results to be robust and reliable, we will never show you collective information for less than 200 users.

This comparison tool is fed by your own information, so it will always remain up-to-date and representative of the current market. If the sample does not reach the minimum sample of at least 200 Manfredite profiles, we will not show any results, as we want to ensure the accuracy of the information we show.

In addition, we have contrasted the results with a system of archetypes extracted from our database, and with other sector reports, so that we ensure that the data that the Compass shows responds to the reality of the sector.

It's easy! Write to us at support@getmanfred.com with the details of the problem and we will solve it as soon as possible.

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