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Reduce friction between the technical team and HR by passing good candidates to interviews. One of the most common problems in growing tech companies is that communication between HR and the development team is not fluid. Sometimes, impossible unicorns are asked for and sometimes, roles or requirements are not clear.

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Make sure your offer is on the market

What is the right salary for this position? What technologies to include to make the search the best?

Talent Engine recommends the best options based on the requirements of your offer. And it tells you how complicated the position is compared to the market.

An indicator of difficulty

The traffic light indicates the difficulty of the search and shows you which are the problem areas that lower the success rate.

This way, you will have data to show your team so that they can really see if what they are asking for is a good fit for the market or not.

Showcase your work

Impact your company directly. Improve the time it takes for new people to join the company. With less time to hire, they add value sooner and the time-to-market is reduced.

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