Hire more and faster

One of the main problems for Talent and HR teams is that they don't have enough time and resources to meet their objectives. You have to hire on a deadline and sometimes without much help.

I wish we could clone you. Instead, we've created a tool that allows you to double up. Yes, yes, to be able to do twice as much with the same amount of time. Double the amount of recruiting you do with Talent Engine.

I want to try it

Work with several offers at the same time

You set the limit. This is not about licences or limits on the number of offers. It doesn't matter if you need to recruit 5 or 50, because you can open as many offers in parallel as you need.

Open several offers, receive the selected candidates and increase the speed of your recruitment funnel.

Several positions, 1 offer only

Do you need to hire 10 Java Developers? 5 React frontends? 4 new Product Managers? Open a single job offer for each role, and receive the necessary candidates to fill all vacancies.

Reduce the time you spend on each process by hiring several people at once.

Schedule several interviews in parallel

If you need to recruit several people for the same role, it is very easy to optimise time. Pass candidates to your technical team on an ongoing basis. You will always have someone in the pipeline to interview.

Accelerate your growth

With Talent Engine you reduce the time of each hiring process. Therefore, you can hire twice as fast when you need to. Double the number of processes you can handle at once and make hiring less of a bottleneck for the development of your company.

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