The Team

David Bonilla
Yago Cousiño
Marina Ramos
Jose Martín
Candela Milán
Marta Lora
Juan Antonio del Río
Raúl Cotrina
Raúl Recacha
Leonardo Poza
Javier Alonso
Laura Becerra
Silvia Barrajón
Ramón Junco
Juan G. Hurtado
Luis Alberto González
Silvia López
Blanca Lanaspa
Bea Santana
Antonio Rodríguez
Rodrigo Esgueva
Borja Pérez
Álvaro Cuesta
Borja Alonso
Yeray Darias
Marta García
Allison Salcedo
Saúl Llorente
Rebeca Méndez
Lucía Carmona
Adrián Figueroa
Jessica Luzón
Lara Cámara
Alejandra Puertas
Óscar Sánchez
Juan Pedro Belmonte
José Manuel Álvarez
Diego Mariño
Bárbara Liniado
Luis Lissen
Leire Ibán
Nathaly Rojas
Paula Mascarós
Sofia Nikolaeva
Carles Crespo

Why Manfred?

We’ve experienced recruiting from all sides —as employers, as IT technicians, as recruiters— and we believe the system is broken. That’s why we founded Manfred, to try to fix things.

We don’t have a “secret ingredient”, just common sense. In the digital industry, where there are more jobs than professionals, instead of simply managing job offers, we focus on finding and developing the best talent. When you tend to the talent, the offers follow.

Our competitive advantage is finding what companies need, by knowing exactly what to look for, because most of our team is composed of real-life developers.

Our strategy is simple: we treat others as we would like to be treated. That approach has generated uninterrupted growth, since our founding two years ago, so we’re beginning to think we’re onto something.

Sound good?

Whether you want to take control of your professional career or you’re looking for professionals whose experience lines up with your needs, we’d be delighted to help you.

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