We launch our own LinkedIn data import!

Posted on May 6, 2022, by Yago Cousiño

April has been a month when the Product team has cleaned the urgent stuff in order to have some room to think medium term. We want to strike the perfect balance between our compromise of delivering value weekly and not solving urgent tasks before the important ones, not always at least.

Reality is that we need to do a proper research and testing of your necessities in order to make the next decisions. We want to change the way that our Community manage their own careers, and that takes some thinking.

But, first things first. Today we are closer to helping our manfredites in having a career profile in Manfred with little to no effort. LinkedIn importer will allow you to bring your career information with a few clicks. Because, who wants to create your own profile from scratch?

Why having your data in Manfred?

Our main aim is turning Manfred into the “Source of Truth” for Manfredites. That a change in your profile appears automatically in others job searching platforms and so, finally, your data is under your control and easily stored.

Just imagine that a single change in your profile, located into GitHub, uploads everything, including the CV you can give any day to a possible and future recruiter. We strongly believe that it can be a game-changer for all that Manfredites with a LinkedIn, Angel.co or Hired profile, and with a PDF CV.

As always, we will reach the next steps bit by bit. We will learn from how you use our functionalities and improving week by week.

Anyway, have something in mind: it doesn’t matter what we do, what we implement, your data will always be yours, and you will enjoy total transparency for them.

LinkedIn import gif
Your import will look like this!

This has not yet finished!

We have said it many times, but we attack every feature with an incremental mentality. This means, we are not afraid of deploying something that is not totally finished. We believe that there is no better test than real users, who will tell us when a product is really useful.

It is to no use to invest three months in redesigning and producing the best stools of the world, when your community needs tables.

From now, we will continue working on:

  • Including more LinkedIn fields and adapting them to our data model: certifications, rewards, languages...
  • Reducing the import process time so we can improve overall user experience
  • Importing the level of languages
  • Improve error management
  • 👀 Writing in your LinkedIn profile

Remember that this feature scraps the information from your public LinkedIn profile and favors the English version, we will work to improve that.

We know that our vision is far from over. Before long, we will launch our synchronization with LinkedIn data, so you will be able to use your Manfred profile as the master one that will update directly to other platforms. However, while we work on that, if there's something that does not work as expected, we would like to receive your feedback at support@ Thank you!

Posted on May 6, 2022, by Yago Cousiño
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