Battle report

Welcome to the Manfred Battle Report, a report in which, every quarter, we account for our numbers, goals, milestones and obstacles. It is an X-ray of our company. And, most importantly, it is the main exercise in transparency that we have been practising with our community since our inception.

Our numbers and goals

Total 2023

Sales (excluding VAT)

Consultancy services, Manfred Daily offers or hiring processes that provide us with a commission, closed during the month.

Turnover (excluding VAT)

Invoices issued. They tend to match sales, but we still have a certain time gap and, in addition, invoicing assumes the possible corrective invoices that may have to be issued.

Quarterly report

Our numbers

Objectives for the quarter

Public roadmap

In our Trello board you will find the milestones that our team has been achieving, month by month. If you dig into it you will be able to understand the history of Manfred since its beginnings ^__^

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