How can you normalize a list of thousands of technologies?

Posted on May 11, 2022, by Yago Cousiño

During the last months, we have welcomed international users into our platform. While, we keep launching features, improving our technologies and solving problems for our long-term users. We have realized that, as we keep helping our most-known users, there are new ones with different needs and wants. And they do not come with easy problems, either.

After all, we aim to set standards in the sector: selection processes, how to build your CV, or how to host and interact with your career's data. These are huge challenges that will need solutions that will improve as the community uses them and gives feedback.

Management of technologies & tools

Listing the tools and technologies manfredites may use in Manfred is a real challenge. Especially when you realize that Manfred will be connected to the main job search platforms in the market.

Normalizing a list of hundreds of items with much debate in many of the choices is not enough, you need to build a synonym list for each and every player we get connected to. Add up that the technology landscape is changing constantly, with many new frameworks, languages, or libraries emerging.

So, this list will never cease to grow and improve. In fact, there are still dozens of technologies and suggestions we need to process.

Well aware of that, we have developed a new interface that will allow us to add faster, eliminate and merge many of the hundreds of tools and technologies that we imported with your StackOverflow profiles.

Why should I care about this?

Because, these will be the technologies and tools that will be shown on your profile.

And the ones that will make you eligible, or not, for a job opportunity.

Being inconsistent or faulty in our reasoning here will reduce the quality of the public profiles of our community and the applications to our own offers. It is simply something we can not allow.

If you want to take a look at the new panel and, at the same time, take a glance at the most used techs & tools in the public profiles of our manfredites...

We will have endless debates about if certain stuff is a tool or a technology, a programming practice or neither of those. Moreover, we hope to have them with our awesome community involved.

To show you the compromise we have with establishing a fruitful dialogue with our community, we have just hired a new member of the team. He will be properly introduced shortly.

Improved login process

Having such a diverse community supposes an expectation management challenge. We plan not only to serve the part of our community that is actively looking for a job right now, but also to give value to those that want to plan their careers long-term.

Some manfredites that have not been in touch with us for a while, are now entering a platform to take charge of their career. For all of them, we are improving our email login process, with fewer communication mails getting to SPAM and being able to recognize when a user that already has an account, tries to register again.

Improved readability

We have been listening very carefully to your feedback, and we have improved the readability of our profiles with subtle changes. The main one, we are aligning left the main texts and fixed some bugs with lists.

Posted on May 11, 2022, by Yago Cousiño
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