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Posted on May 19, 2022, by Yago Cousiño

Last week, I wrote about how we needed to take care of some voids we left when we launched SOFRED. The biggest one was the hurried internationalization of the platform, as we switched our static content to English in order to welcome our international users, but we did it without the proper multilingual adaptations.

This won't be a problem anymore.

Multilingual web and portal

Being able to give service to more and more manfredites means the world to us. As a marketplace, our growth depends on attracting more manfredites and companies, and on taking advantage of the virtuous circles resulting from that growth. Furthermore, more and more clients show interest in candidates outside the country where they are mainly based. That's why, opening ourselves up to the world in the midst of the revolution of remote work makes all the sense to us.

From now on, you will be able to set your preferred language in the top-right corner of the screen. For the moment, we will only cover Spanish and English, but we will stay attentive to your feedback regarding more languages. Anyway, these changes will apply to both the web and the inner portal of manfredites.

However, we won't enable profiles in several languages yet, but we will be there soon. If you are new to Manfred, we would recommend you to fill your information in English as it is usually understandable by a wider range of clients and peers.

This is how the multilingual Manfred will look like

Choose your preferred language in our blog

Content is right at the center of our growth strategy. We think we have some knowledge to share to the community, and we are putting our keyboards to work. But, mixing languages was not helping anyone and this change will allow readers to have a coherent experience, seeing the interface in the same language as the content.

We will work on translating our main content to English, and most of our newest posts to Spanish, so nobody misses a thing. Get ready for some kick-ass blog posts!

Get to know how much you will be earning in your local currency

The internationalization of Manfred is not only about language. We are aware that many manfredites have a local currency different from € or $ and that salary ranges can get a bit tricky. Any Fredder that has worked with manfredites knows that you need all the help in the world when you are changing jobs, misunderstandings are quite ordinary, specially with money.

This filter will allow for the display of all the offers that fit a certain minimum salary in the chosen currency, making the calculations necessary to translate from other currencies. Therefore, even if the offers are in US dollars, you can select the minimum salary you want in the currency you are accustomed to, for example, Mexican pesos, and we will do the rest.

Again, this is specially useful for applying to transnational offers.

Some filters that will facilitate multilingual activity

What comes next?

We are working on mainly three things regarding i18n:

  • Making it as easy as possible to host offers in several languages.
  • Introducing APIs to retrieve more and better locations, so we can have a better conversation about the “where” of your career.
  • Synchronizing your preferred language of communication throughout all of our apps.

Aaaaand by the way, we are dedicating resources to improve the fairly mediocre rate of success of our LinkedIn importer. We hope to give you good news soon!

Posted on May 19, 2022, by Yago Cousiño
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