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July 1, 2022

Weekly Product Report: we have created our own Support team

Making sure that manfredites speak freely about doubts, issues or feedback is key. We are improving our Support stack and team.

June 24, 2022

Weekly Product Report: we can write in LinkedIn!

Another week pushing a feature that depends on many things we can't control. This time, we bring good news! We are determined to give you control of your professional data, so we are integrating Manfred with other big platforms. Well, maybe we are not "integrating", but building our own connection to allow our users to […]

June 17, 2022

Weekly Product Report: you can now share your profile with style

Sharing your professional information in a good and reliable profile is one of the main features of any job platform, we are one step closer.

June 10, 2022

Weekly Product Report: team growth and multilanguage offers

For many months, we have been able to manage many product initiatives with an understaffed engineering team. Our crew has been working around the clock and fighting the frustration of deploying features with a more modest approach than we would have wanted (the last one, allowing multilanguage offers on our website). That's why this week […]

June 9, 2022

War report: May 2022

We share our milestone numbers and objectives in our May 2022 War Report, as well as the learnings and advice we have collected. We hope they will be useful in providing lessons for others who are in similar situations to ours or can benefit from their publication. Building in public is not easy, but we […]

June 3, 2022

Weekly Product Report: this is how we are fighting for your data

Hello, manfredites! It’s been a week since we rolled back our LinkedIn Import feauture in beta mode. As we realized that the external services we leaned on were not good enough, we decided to change our approach. Manfred is going in-house with this one. As stated in the post, we think that learning is the least […]

June 2, 2022

How marketgoo's technical team matched their salaries to the market

tl;dr marketgoo's engineering team recently had a general salary increase to keep pace with the market Read on to discover why they started this process and how they did it, and which role has Manfred played along the way. Background We have known the marketgoo team for years. Not only because we are contemporary startups […]

May 27, 2022

We have rolled back a feature for the first time, and that's alright

We have expressed time after time that our approach to product delivery is all about splitting the big tasks into smaller features and ship value continuously. Likewise, we are always fighting against the feeling that the code that is just about to be deployed must be improved a bit more before reaching our community. I'm […]

May 26, 2022

Weekly Product Report: giving more power to users!

Another week under our belts. While we work to close the i18n initiative, we are defining the style and intend of our users' public profiles and looking to solve the synchronization with other job platforms, like LinkedIn. But, more importantly, this week we are giving more power to users by launching a red button to […]

May 25, 2022

Steps of the Tech Recruitment and Selection Process

No two selection processes are the same. They can be quite different depending on the industry and the size of the company. However at Manfred, we know first-hand that the recruitment and selection process in the Tech world have certain characteristics that make it different: conditioned by the high demand for technical talent, compared to the […]

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