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What’s new in it?

From now on you will be able to access your data, edit it or delete it autonomously, whenever you want and instantly.
Thanks to the fact that we have improved our user experience, you will save a lot of time when registering. It is no longer necessary to spend 2 hours filling in all the information in one go. Now, you can start and then leave it for later, or register only by completing a few fields. You will see that we have included a progress bar, and you can see all the fields at a glance.
The security of the data entrusted to us by our Manfredites is as important as it gets. That is why we have taken it into account from the outset when designing this solution. Not only to make sure that no outsider can access the data, but also to ensure that it is impossible to find out if a person is registered with Manfred. In addition, we have submitted the platform to a cybersecurity audit by BeOneSec in order to ensure its robustness.
The Product team has faced a recurring challenge in the technical sector: standardising and homogenising roles, technologies and locations. At Manfred we used to work on Airtable with tags that were sometimes repeated with different names, or we received responses that were saved as different, but they referred to the same thing (for example Donostia and San Sebastian). This standardisation work allows us to be more precise and successful when selecting and proposing your profile for a job opportunity.
We have integrated all the tools we use in our daily work on this platform: our registration form, Airtable as a search tool for Manfredites, Pipedrive as a CRM, Zapier as an integrator between them, Acumbamail to send emails to our DB. This will allow you to find all your updated data when you access the platform.
Thanks to the redesign of the Manfredite onboarding, you will have a clear idea of what you can expect from Manfred and what steps to take to become a Manfredite, as well as offering a much cleaner and more consistent brand experience.
I want to see the form
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