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As true believers in open data, we are building a platform that allows you to create your online CV, maintaining your updated data on your machine and sync it automatically with any third party (LinkedIn, Xing, Indeed, etc).

✊ Manfred needs you

Some of these platforms still base their business model on kidnapping data from users.

For that reason, while we test different solutions to be "invisible" for them, they could temporarily block or permanently delete the accounts of our beta testers.

Because of that, we need the help of people who are willing to early adopt our platform despite the potential risk of losing access to their accounts on these platforms.

If you wanna be part of this testing elite team, sign up on Manfred and then apply to the program to get rewards. Join the Resistance!

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Using a third-party platform to update and synchronise your data across multiple services may violate the terms of use of those services. Your account may be temporarily suspended. Please check those terms to understand the potential risk.

No it isn't. But surprisingly, the single fact of sync your own data with a third platform or even save your user and password, can breach the terms of use of some platforms, and could block temporarily your access to them.
You don't have to. But you ought to know that you will help us to shape a platform where you, and other users, will take control over your professional data. Because you will always be able to keep an updated copy in your machine, and in our own terms of use, we can't become "evil" by design.
We already do. The first test account we use will be our own CEO's, but while we realize how to be "transparent" for these platforms, we need a bunch of real accounts to minimize the risk of being detected and blocked.
NEVER. If you join the Resistance, you will have early access to these features, but the final decision to use it or not will be always yours.
You will have early access to new features and —if you try them— your feedback will model the future of Manfred. We value immensely that feedback, so we'll try to give back some of that value to the Resistance members with original swag, prizes, and rewards, plus direct access to the team that builds Manfred.
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