Sparkers Team
Offer closed on 01/16/2023

Python Software Engineer


Were you looking for a position related to the video game industry? You're into this stuff, aren't you? Come closer, I'm going to tell you about a project that is both crazy and exciting.

At Sparkers, they are specialists in providing market information, sales tracking, and audience measurement in everything related to the entertainment industry 🎮

What will you do?

You will be involved in the development of a highly technical software product.

- Okay, fine. Hold your horses for a second, What's the real deal? 🤨.

- OK, I'll tell you in a bit more detail.

Sparkers is a company specialized in analytics and prediction of huge volumes of data, related to the entertainment and video games sector.

It's really crazy what I'm going to tell you 👉 At Sparkers, they process and analyse every chat, every reaction, and even every instant of streaming of your favourite players or teams. And... What's the point? You might be asking yourself.

- Now, let me go a little further.

As you can imagine, the amount, complexity and variety of data is absolutely staggering at this stage. Well, as it is obtained, all this data goes through complex filtering, cleaning and standardization processes that allow this "hodgepodge" to be consumed by one (or several) data models.

At the end of the process, all this data, coming from a lot of sources and in a variety of formats, is transformed into valuable information (and you'd be amazed at how accurate it is) about audience measurement, engagement, market, sales... which is crucial for a wide portfolio of clients who rely on Sparkers' solution.

A big part of your job will be to develop new connectors and APIs to inject and productize new sources of information.

Your evolution

Your day ZERO

In 1 month

In this first month, you’ll be learning and absorbing 🧽

At the end of this month, you'll be perfectly integrated into the team's work dynamics, you'll know the project, you'll understand the IT solution you'll help build, and... (drum roll) you'll have completed your first deploy!

Your responsibilities

  • You will be in charge of the entire software development flow (design, implementation, testing, and maintenance) of several complex modules written in Python.

  • Contribute to technical and architectural decision-making.

  • Deliver high quality code, applying best practices in development and testing.

  • Understand and apply modern technologies and design patterns to solve problems efficiently.

How will you do it?

The engineering team is a small team, currently made up of 9 people spread between Belgium, Spain and Armenia. It is a very cohesive team in which closeness and the human factor are essential. Of course, they are work colleagues but, first and foremost, they are very good friends. Most of the Madrid team is Spanish-speaking, but fluency in English IS REQUIRED.

The work is organized in sprints, and every day the team meets for a short daily meeting so that the alignment is perfect at all times. The configuration of the different squads is also oriented towards product development, this is the reason why they incorporate Product and Data profiles.

You will have frequent 1:1 sessions in which you will talk about anything that concerns you (career plan included).

The Madrid and Brussels offices are the ones with the biggest teams. You will have monthly sessions with your entire team where, in a completely transparent way, details about the company's strategy and evolution will be discussed.

You’ll perfectly fit at Sparkers if you are committed, motivated and passionate about the video game industry.

When will you work?

At Sparkers, you will normally work from 9:00 to 18:00, as these are their normal business hours. It can be flexible!

That, of course, is the basic scheme. If you ever need to leave earlier or enter later, you can do so.

You will only be asked to do two things:

  • The team starts at the same time. It’s easier for good work and good vibes.
  • You must be present at joint sessions (dailies, retrospectives and team meetings).

It all sounds pretty logical in the end, doesn't it? As long as you are a communicative and responsible person, organize your day in the way that makes you happiest.

Working day



23 days

Where will you work?





The Sparkers team is at its best when these 3 conditions are met:

  1. There is a very high level of interaction between the people.
  2. They work very, very (did I say very?) close to each other.
  3. Communication flows constantly.

And now, Why have I told you all this?

Well, believe it or not, I have just presented you with the keys to the perfect cultural fit of this organization and, as you might have guessed, the working method that best fits this working spirit is the hybrid method.

👉 They usually come to the office 2 days a week and, I'm not going to fool you, the ideal* would be for you to join this work routine.

* I say ideal, because in no case will it be an imposition. Of course, it is the team's preference, but they have no problem with you working 100% remotely if you can maintain this work culture on a virtual level.

Who will you work with?

  • Jose Luis (Software Engineer): he studied software engineering. He is passionate about development and technology. Jose Luis is constantly studying new things, and he doesn't care if it's a technology, a tool or even a new language.
  • Artyom (Python Software Engineer): he takes care of the automation of the backend.
  • Didier (BigData Engineer): he studied in Spain and had the opportunity to stay in Madrid. As soon as he finished his studies, he joined the Sparkers team.
  • Jérôme (UI/UX Designer): he is in charge of the UX/UI. His role is to better understand the customer experience. Design has no secrets for him.
  • Alejandro (Frontend Developer): trained as a computer engineer and has a master's degree in mobile application development. He is currently dedicated to frontend development in the Sparkers team.
  • Trang (BI Developer): she is the Data & Analytics Specialist in the team.

You will find a very passionate team at Sparkers, as you can see 🤩

What are they asking for?

  • 4+ years of experience working as a Software Engineer.
  • Good command of Python, as its core technology is written in this language.
  • You have experience working in production environments.
  • You apply and use TDD. It is very important that you are used to testing your Python code.
  • You have experience in cloud environments, ideally AWS.
  • You are passionate about the video game industry.
  • You are fluent in English.

You will leave the team speechless if you also:

  • Work with large volumes of data from multiple sources.
  • You have experience managing APIs and streaming streams.



  • Python
  • AWS

This would be good

  • Spark

This gives extra points

  • Airflow
  • Terraform
  • Elasticsearch

Other skills


  • Proactivity
  • Analytical thinking
  • Team player

This would be good

  • Adaptability to change
  • Capacity for self-management

This gives extra points

  • Creative thinking

What are they offering?





🍽 You'll have access to a fixed amount of money per day to invest in your daily meal (even if you work from home).

🚀 You will have a career plan aimed at your personal and professional development from minute 0.


Dynamics and teambuilding events
Health insurance
Meal vouchers

What the FAQ?

Sparkers can only hire people with a work and residence permit in Spain. They cannot manage work visas.

The selection process consists of the following stages:

  1. You will have a first interview with someone from the Sparkers People team
  2. Next, you will solve a small technical challenge in a streaming session attended by one or two people from the Sparkers technical team.
  3. This will be followed by a short technical interview with the CTO.
  4. Finally, you will have the opportunity to meet the Sparkers management team (CEO, CoCEO...).

It is a very well-thought-out process and, even if you go through several phases, it will move quickly. The approximate duration is 2 weeks.

Sparkers is an international company with headquarters and teams in various parts of the world (Madrid, Brussels, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney...). They try to keep the team united through international events and, in particular, in the Madrid and Brussels offices, they regularly organize get-togethers and team building events. It is not that they are different from the others, but as the teams are larger, these dynamics are more frequent.