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Offer closed on 01/23/2023

Senior Backend 🚗

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MotorK is sparking the automotive sales and marketing, partnering with manufacturers and dealers. They build cloud-based products and services, ready to offer the best digital customer experience.

They are looking for the best software engineers to keep growing and raise the bar. ¿Do you want to know more? 👇👇

What will you do?

To give you a little context, Motork was born in Milan in 2010, they create software to help car dealers and manufacturers to sell more cars and deliver a better service to their customers. They have been growing in different countries and buying other companies. Last year (Nov 2021) they went public in Euronext market.

As they are a data driven company, here you have some awesome numbers about them, and the software you will help to build:

  • WebSpark is their ready-to-use web platform, allowing clients to maximize traffic acquisition and lead generation performance. +1.300 online websites
  • LeadSpark a CRM and lead generation solution. It manages more than 700 clients and more than 5.500 monthly active users
  • StockSpark their stock management platform that can update car inventory or launch customizable campaigns in one click 859.286 vehicles published daily.

You will start in LeadSpark team that is built using PHP and Symfony 

You will contribute to their platform and aim for continuous improvement thanks to your knowledge of software engineering best practices, and your experience delivering high quality software solutions. 

They want you to help to raise the bar in practices like testing, event-driven architecture, SOLID principles, clean code, great PR etiquette and extreme collaboration, all while contributing and challenging the status quo to do the right things - and do them right - using data driven decision-making

The type of candidate they are looking for is someone who brings their experience to the table, who is hungry and helps them grow and challenge what excellence looks like. 

A team player, who likes to share and learn in equal parts, and whose objective is to continue to grow and help the team to find the right solutions for each challenge. Of course, you'll always be given the freedom to do what you do best.

Your evolution

Your day ZERO

In 1 month

During the first month, you'll become familiar with the dynamics of the team and the market in which they operate. 

You'll also be introduced to the product dynamics, and you'll participate in team sessions aimed at understanding the data feed to work with, and determining the best way to process and store it.

They want you to know that at Motork ¡Good ideas are welcome from day one!

Your responsibilities

  • Ship maintainable, robust, tested and user high performance code in production

  • Collaborate with Product Owners and other team members to deliver value incrementally but constantly

  • Understand their business needs to make sure you’re addressing them properly

  • You build it, you run it. You will take ownership for the products you build, and you will be part of their Emergency Response team.

  • Collaborate with QA and fellow software engineers across all stages of the software development lifecycle

  • Identify and implement the best architectural solutions, collaborating with the principal engineers and making sure your solution is aligned with their architecture vision

  • Help to improve everyone’s way of working and champion a continuous improvement mindset

How will you do it?

You care about good code, and you understand that code is a means to an end, a tool to deliver value to their customers. You understand the business and how your - and your team’s - work, contributes to the business to achieve their goals. Furthermore, you challenge the “why” behind everything they do, as you want to make sure they’re focused on resolving real problems. You know that for any given technical solution, the execution is a key factor to success, so you will help your team and those around you to raise the bar.

Furthermore, you will constantly strive to be data driven, measuring everything that gives your team insights that can be used to improve. In Motork they do it in a Lean way, using Kanban to represent their workflow while using a flavour of Scrum to move fast and quickly adapt to change: they have a strong focus on goal driven commitment, the OUTCOME they want to achieve - and making sure their goals are measurable, ambitious and valuable.

In your two-week sprints, you will use continuous refinement and continuous planning: refinement helps them reduce uncertainty and define the value they propose to deliver, and planning gives them the predictability needed to make more informed decisions. They use retrospectives to inspect & adapt

You will be integrated in a tribe, and you will be one of the backenders in a 5-6 team (the typical one has 3 backend engineers + 2 frontend engineers + 1QA + 1 PM).

You will use Slack to stay aligned and available to collaborate with your team, but you should define your “focus time” to remove any distractions and get in the “productivity zone”. 

 From a more general perspective, as a company, they have five core values to live by that make MotorK an amazing place to work.

  • Innovative: you will help to transform the automotive marketplace
  • Growth: they play on the global stage, and set ambitious goals for their people and products
  • Passionate about your customers: They live & breathe Automotive, they are committed to long-term customer relationships, you will win when your customers win
  • Family spirit: they trust, support and respect each other, working together toward shared goals
  • Do the right thing: they champion diversity & equality in their teams, you will conduct yourself with integrity and keep your promises

When will you work?

At MotorK all employees work by objectives: that is, what matters is not the quantity but the quality of your work.

They have recurring ceremonies where your attendance is essential - but they are flexible and use asynchronous communication whenever you can’t join. Each team adjust his daily, normally somewhere between 9:30 and 10am CET

Work-life balance is key, so you own your time and are empowered to manage it in a way that serves YOUR needs. All policies to support employees in their private life (maternity, health..) are provided by MotorK to be by the employee's side in every situation.


22 days



Flexible start time08:30 - 10:00
10:00 - 17:00
Flexible end time17:00 - 18:30

Legal 40 hours/per week with flexibility to adapt it to your needs coordinating with your team.

Where will you work?


Jaén, Madrid



This is a full remote position, but if you like to visit an office, they actually have 8 locations in 7 countries.

You can find its Madrid office near Atocha Railway Station

Calle de Juan de Mariana 15, 28045 Madrid

And yes, they have an office in Jaén

Av. de Andalucía, 106, 23006 Jaén 

Who will you work with?

They have been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, and you will have the opportunity to work with people from more than 10 countries. 

They are actively promoting diversity and are more than happy to receive applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, sex, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.

These are some of the amazing people you will work with:

Sergio Pereira (Engineering Manager) - Has more than 15 years of experience building software in different countries and industries, In recent years his focus is on empowering his teams to own and drive their own destiny, all while feeling a strong sense of purpose and understanding the impact of their work. 

He has a strong servant leadership mindset and his ultimate goal is to grow the next generation of leaders. Sérgio loves identifying bottlenecks - and act on them. He is also a big fan of motorcycles, football and nature…and intermittent fasting!

Barbara Garbacz (Senior Product Manager) - In the last decade she built products that reached customers around the world and in various industries: telco, automotive, e-commerce. The passion for product management comes from the multi-disciplinary nature of this role and from the constant learning opportunities. Her core value is the same in private and professional life: respect others as you wish to be respected.The biggest reward after the day of work is to see that someone's life got better thanks to the product she delivered. After work, you will find her hiking, experimenting in the kitchen (including beer brewing), reading or discovering new hobbies 😉

Jonathan Izquierdo (Head of Engineering) He has worked the last 15 years in product companies, from multinationals to small companies. He has also been a freelancer and has learned a lot by building his own products, as well as helping other companies to scale.

In the last 7 years he has been CTO at Dapda. It was acquired by MotorK, and now he is Head of Engineering in one of the MotorK tribes helping in the best possible way to evolve the company to the next level.  

He loves solving problems, helping others and above all teaming up with other colleagues.

 Ivana Oriente (Senior Talent) has been in Motork for more than 4 years and will help you during the selection process and in your onboarding. The call with her will be crucial in the understanding of MotorK structure, challenges and internal policies. Feel free to reach out her for any curiosities about MotorK world ;)

 Each year they organize various events at their offices to allow colleagues scattered among various European countries to meet and share moments together. Next event: for the second year they will organize a MotorKruise in October, a cruise paid for by the company to give 5 days of relaxation aboard a ship sailing between Portugal and Spain.

 You will be their first manfredite... And more coming soon.

What are they asking for?

They are looking for a passionate and business minded software engineer with a pragmatic approach to best practices and hunger to learn and raise the bar as a developer and as a team.

More importantly than the tools to fit in MotorK and in the team:

  • Your English level should not be used to play a performance in Stratford-Upon-Avon, but you are able to communicate effectively in a business environment (for sure the process will be in English).
  • You have a strong engineering mindset and a keen eye for detail.
  • Not only that, but you understand what a great software engineer looks like - engineering is not only coding! Analysis, investigation, documentation, collaboration, proactivity and drive to find the best way to unblock yourself by asking the right questions to the right people, all with a strong business acumen and the ability to go above and beyond to help your team achieve your goals - these are some of the key competencies they look for.
  • Strong focus on ownership: from coding and shipping to actively monitoring your service’s health and making informed decisions based on useful insights
  • A strong, caring mentor; a great team member that brings and advocates cohesion to the team. You understand the power of collaboration, feedback and managing conflict. A challenger by heart because you want to focus on delivering value and solving real problems.

In the technical part 

  • You have at least 6 years of experience working as a Software Engineer.
  • A part of that experience is using PHP with a OOP and REST Api
  • You have extensible experience with testing and understanding of TDD/ Test driven mindset
  • You have worked extensively with Event Driven Architecture and/or Publisher/ Subscriber pattern
  • You are familiar with CI/CD pipelines and agree with “You build it, you run it”
  • Expertise in SQL databases

This will be good

  • Your experience in PHP has been using Symfony
  • You are comfortable working in containerized cloud developments - Docker, Kubernetes
  • You have hands-on experience working with - and leveraging - APM and observability tools like New Relic, Prometheus, Grafana 


This would be good

  • Docker
  • REST

This gives extra points

  • Kafka
  • Kubernetes

Other skills


  • Adaptability to change
  • Capacity for self-management
  • Proactivity
  • Team player

This would be good

  • Continuous learning
  • Good written communication

This gives extra points

  • Leadership skills
  • Mentoring ability

What are they offering?





💶 1.000 € annual training budget

📡 100% full remote, and you can work in the Madrid or Jaen offices

💱 Flexible remuneration (ticket restaurant…)

🗺️ Career Plan.

🖥️ Top-of-the-line equipment. (MacBook Pro, 27”+ screen…)

👋 Welcome pack


Language classes
Possibility to choose your devices
Dynamics and teambuilding events
Budget for training
Budget for Conferences
Meal vouchers
Internal training events
Welcome pack
Flexible Remuneration

Capacidad de transformar parte del salario en pagos en especie como: cheques-guardería o Tickets Restaurant.

What the FAQ?

No, for administrative reasons, we won't bore you.

They welcome candidates living (and legal work permission) in these countries where they have offices: Spain, Italy, Portugal and France.

They need you ASAP (as soon as possible) so the process will be very Agile

  1. There'll be an initial meeting with Ivana from the Talent Acquisition team, so you can get to know each other, check the cultural fit, and share more information about the company.
  2. The second phase is a technical interview with team leaders of the Product to deepen technical topics and share with you how we work, meetings, processes...
  3. Final interview with the Engineering Manager to deepen professional experience, expectations, career plan and possible professional growth in MotorK