HR as a Service

Do you have a talent drain problem? Are you finding it difficult to hire good professionals?

You are a CEO, HR/People Manager or technical leader and problems are raining down on you but you don't know why. Let us sit down with you and help you find a solution.

Let us save you time and money

There are problems that are always there and constantly haunt you. Your HR strategy has some rabbit holes.
We can help you with some of them.


Every time someone leaves you, it represents between 80% and 120% of their annual salary.

Build more loyalty, have a pool of talent available whenever you need it and save costs by a tube.


Average time-to-hire

Every time you take more than a month to hire someone, you are losing time-to-market, spending more resources and your project is not moving forward.

Hire faster and with better cultural alignment, build more resilient teams and move your project forward.

60 days
15 days

Internal NPS

Every time someone on your team does not speak well of your companyyou lose productivity and opportunities to recruit referrals.

Get an empowered and happy team that recommend talent and be motivated every week.



Every time you have someone on your team not at 100% of their abilities, you lose 30% of their salary.

Have a happy and motivated team> that gives you 100% at all times and helps you increase profits.


Some real examples of how we have helped

Contact us and send us the offer you want to spread. We tell you what day we launch it, with what title and how it will be differentiated. Channel users see it, click and apply.

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