The 'New Manfred' kicks off TODAY

Posted on November 3, 2022, by Coral Mocquot

Manfred was born 4 years ago with a Telegram channel and a handful of job offers indexed on GitHub. Even back in the day, we aspired to go far beyond being a simple job search portal. From then to now, we want to shake things up and make things easier for the tech community, without making anyone have to fill in countless data fields in a long and boring process - been there, done that and we don't want the t-shirt thanks very much. 

Today, we lay the foundations of what will be our career management platform, giving you back the reins on your career and giving you the freedom and autonomy you are entitled to.

Thanks to the New Manfred, you will now have a much more well-rounded vision of your career. From now on, you will be able to make more informed, fast and autonomous decisions when it comes to your professional path.

Manfred: Introducing the fastest way to always be ready

The new Manfred Profile is the best way to share your professional experience, skills and knowledge with the tech community - there is nothing else like it out there. Plus, you'll SAVE HEAPS OF TIME by setting it up in seconds, instead of having to amend your CV every time you need to send it. 

Now, you can also rely on:

  • A guided, step-by-step Setup. So you can fill in the most important bits of data first. You can always come back to finish the rest later, but you will already be part of our job selection processes.
  • Import your LinkedIn profile. If you already have most of your key data on your LinkedIn profile, you don't have to input it all again for your Manfred Profile - your time is money and, we know that. Import all your info with just one click and decide which data you want to edit. Very easy, and pretty satisfying!

Your entire career, in one single place 

  • Now you will know the status of each of your applications to external recruitment processes, at a single glance.
  • You will always be aware of your privacy settings.
  • And you can synchronise your data with GitHub too.

More comprehensive information

Along with these improvements, you will also now be able to easily specify your level in any given language, with a unified and more understandable standard of guided levels.

You can now include the details of higher salary ranges than the ones that were previously available, up to the €180K/year range. Reach for the stars my friend.

And you now have supporting writing guides and examples to help inspire you to fill out the free text fields, such as describing your dream job, the little presentation about yourself, or your best practices at work. This should chase away any writer's-block fears when faced with a stark blank page. You'll have finished so quickly that you'll have the time and energy to cook yourself a nice dinner.

We hope you enjoy the New Manfred experience. We'll sign off by leaving you with some examples of completed Profiles, which you can tell have been fine-tuned with a lot of care. They will hopefully inspire you to complete your own 🙌

Posted on November 3, 2022, by Coral Mocquot
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