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Posted on January 30, 2023, by Cristina Miquel

To what extent should we let you know when we have a job position that matches your profile? This is a question we ask ourselves a lot. Meanwhile, you also made it clear to us that you wanted the chance to opt into some kind of notification system when new job listings were published so as to make job hunting easier for you. So this is how our JOB ALERTS was born.

As is becoming tradition for us, we always like to tell you how and why we keep on building our career management platform in a transparent and straightforward way. Here we go for our latest launch.

Boosted search filters

The first step we had to do when it came to creating the Job Listing Alerts was to polish up the filters on our Job Offers page, so that we could further help the job hunting experience and expand the possibilities for our users to be more specific about their preferences. Among other things, we have done the following:

  1. Adapted the location filters.
    1. Now, you will be able to filter by any location, even if there are no job offers there. There used to only be 3 job openings which were based in Patagonia, Mordor and Alpedrete, and you could only filter by Patagonia, Mordor and Alpedrete when it came to the location filter. Not the best experience right? Now you can filter by any location you are potentially interested in which makes a lot more sense. At the moment, this field is linked to our API listing, and only includes cities, but we feel this is still a big improvement compared to what we had before.
    2. In addition, we have improved the location filters to be more in line with the times, allowing you to indicate 100% remote, hybrid or on-site and combine it with your preferred geographical locations.
  2. Added new filters. 
    1. Now you can filter job offers by professional role, following our very own taxonomy glossary. In it, we name key roles that we often get asked about by both companies and candidates alike to clarify some industry terms.
    2. You can now filter by the technologies and tools required in a given job position. In fact, according to our recorded data we have of the free text field we had on there, it was precisely this that people were looking for the most. This change will be linked to our internal list, which we update every few days.
    3. Language of the listing, which refers to the language in which the job offer has been published.

Alerts that get to the point

At Manfred we find ourselves trying to find that perfect balance between not bothering our community for anything that doesn't really add value, and at the same time, trying not to disappear from the map. If we want to be allies in your career building it's a bit odd that there are Manfredites who haven't heard from us in MONTHS since they initially registered, right?

We believe that push notifications help both sides. They build towards a sense of more regular contact with our community, while you, the members, will be the ones in control of when and how you hear from us.

How it works is simple: when a new job offer matching your criteria is published, you will receive an email letting you know. As for the content, the focus will be on what is important: position, company, salary, location and the most important tags of the job listing. As you know, all this information is absolutely mandatory in every single job offer we publish, all cards on the table.

Finally, you can of course manage your Job Alerts at any time in our Job Offers page, editing or deactivating them when the notifications you are receiving are no longer relevant to you.

Posted on January 30, 2023, by Cristina Miquel
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