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Posted on December 5, 2022, by Cristina Miquel

Facing a job selection process is not exactly a pleasant experience. Most of us have been there and know this first hand.

A lot of the time, the problem is that we are “heading to the battle field with a wooden spoon in hand”. Well, we can tell you that this is over (serious tone). We resign ourselves to thinking that it will always be this way and that there is no other way .

How about turning that wooden spoon into a Swiss Army knife by having key information to hand? Information about how long the selection process takes, how many stages it has and what each one consists of. What they expect from you. Who you are going to interact with throughout the process. This requires an act of transparency on behalf of companies too, which, fortunately, is becoming more and more commonplace.

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What is the Recruitment Process Comparator?

While the tech industry carries on to sit back and wait, at Manfred we have decided to take action with what is within our reach: to create our very own Recruitment Process Comparator. A unique page in which we make public how a large and diverse number of companies recruit tech profiles by detailing the different stages of their selection processes.

A knowledge hub where you can access the recruitment processes of tech giants -such as Google or Atlassian-, but also those of up-and-coming startups - such as Playtomic, Sparta or Factorial - or those of national and international consulting firms -such as Autentia, Sngular or Runroom. In other words: we seek to give visibility to the variety and richness of our sector, so that many and very diverse professional alternatives are put on the table.

We seek to generate quality content, above all else. And we are pretty obsessed with making sure that what we publish is as curated as possible. We want it to be useful and, whenever possible, supported by data.

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Who is the Comparator built for?

When we came up with the idea, we had these beneficiaries in mind:

  • Candidates who are about to take part in the selection process of one of the companies featured in the Comparator and want to be informed to be as prepared as possible.
  • Professionals who are responsible for designing a selection process within their team or company. By comparing different recruitment processes, they will be able to gather data and knowledge that can inform their decision-making on how to improve their recruitment process.
  • Companies that want to have their recruitment processes featured on the Comparator, either as an act of transparency (which we applaud) or to advertise themselves as referent tech employers (which we also welcome).

...Or simply for curious people, which is also fine ;).

Questions you may have (because we also had some along the way)

Do you have any kind of qualitative measures to assure the accuracy of the selection processes information published?

It depends on the data source from which the information comes from. In order of reliability:

1. Companies that have made this information publicly available on their own website.
2. Professionals, directly involved in the recruiting process in their company, with whom we have worked directly on some occasion.
3. Employees who work in the company from which they are sending this information. In this case, to ensure that the information is reliable, we will contact someone else from the company, always anonymizing the person who sent us the hiring process in the first place, to confirm the accuracy and in case they want to provide any further information about it.

We are currently working on a "quality thermometer" backstage based on the above rating system and the experience and data we collect on the Comparator, to transparently show how up-to-date the information provided is.

What if I want to add information about my company?

You can! Further down the page itself, right after the Recruitment Process Comparator, you can find a button that will take you to a form. And because we are always conscious that your time is precious, you can head straight there by clicking here.

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What if I think a featured selection process is inaccurate?

We take the quality of the information we display very seriously. So if you know first hand that the reality of one of the recruitment processes is substantially different from what is published, please let us know at team@

I am a company and I have different selection processes depending on the position, what can I do?

While we plan to add a sub-classification according to positions or roles in the near future, this will have to wait for V2 of the Comparator. At the moment, we are working primarily on development and tech positions, so when you send us a selection process, we encourage you to choose the one you have designed for those types of roles.

Posted on December 5, 2022, by Cristina Miquel
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