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March 8, 2022

Career Paths Aren't Always Linear, and That's OK

My dad just worked for 2 companies in his career, almost doing the same job for 50 years. My career was much different: After now 20 years, I already worked for 7 organizations and changed my profession 3 times. I studied electronics, but fast figured out that I don’t have a passion for hardware. I […]

March 8, 2022

How to Figure Out Your Next Career Move

The desire to change your job can have different motivators: You might be unsatisfied with the current work situation, you want to experience another company culture, or you simply want to do something completely different. Figuring out the next career move can be a very hard and emotional process. The new work, the uncertainty, the […]

March 2, 2022

Clean Recruitment: best practices for applicants

We’re recruiters. We might seem a bit like Martians, but we’re recruiters at the end of the day. We try to do things differently, of course. Also, we don’t embody the prototype of recruiters that you see in general, we don’t send spam, we’re not dull, and we don’t wear ties (although if a Fredder […]

February 28, 2022

How to deal with a counteroffer

As you already know, at Manfred we make a mad dash to post releases every Friday. Buuuuut this week, between #Tarugo21 and the little job that’s leading us to nickel-plated onboarding of our Manfredites, allow us to share something else that we hope you’ll find useful. A while ago, David launched a debate on how […]

December 18, 2019

Manfred's Ethical Commitment statement

How would we behave if a Manfredite who asked us for help in finding a new job ended up working for one of our clients? Or if one day that same client or any other company bought Manfred, how would we protect their privacy? Or how would we act if a candidate was already involved […]

July 14, 2018

Getting Serious: Announcing Manfred As A (Talent Agency) Service

After investing 3 months learning all about the tech recruiting business we reached a conclusion: it’s broken and we want to try to fix it. We're starting by providing a Talent Agency Service for both candidates and companies.

February 14, 2018

Hello World: just a different approach

Yes, it's so stupid as it sounds: Manfred is ANOTHER Job Board and we have no new disruptive technology to match candidates and companies, just a different approach.

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