Weekly Product Report: this is how we are fighting for your data

Posted on June 3, 2022, by Yago Cousiño

Hello, manfredites! It’s been a week since we rolled back our LinkedIn Import feauture in beta mode. As we realized that the external services we leaned on were not good enough, we decided to change our approach. Manfred is going in-house with this one.

As stated in the post, we think that learning is the least you should do when deploying a new feature. We did just that, and we are applying everything we earned to this Updated LinkedIn feature we are preparing.

Just to be clear, on one hand we want to allow you to build your Manfred profile easily by importing the information you have in other job platforms, thus reducing the effort and time of having a top-notch professional profile. This is, for now, our LinkedIn Import.

On the other hand, we want to make your Manfred profile the SSOT (Single Source of Truth) of your professional data. This means that with a click, you are going to be able to push your information to other job platforms and keep everything updated. This is, for now, the LinkedIn Update.

Of course, most of the platforms where our community hosts some or all of their professional data want to retain their data. In contrast, we believe that your data is yours, and you can do whatever you want with them.

A machine trying to process information, just like our LinkedIn import will do

Incremental steps

We are approaching these two features, and all the other ones that will come, as we always do: step by step and splitting tasks, so we can deploy and improve continuously.

Regarding the LinkedIn Update, we are aiming for the stars, but we are starting with a smaller scope. For now, we want you to be able to write your data from Manfred to your LinkedIn profile. At first, we will cover just some fields. That’s why we will do several beta releases before opening to our whole community.

When is our community going to be involved?

In the next days, we will start opening our feature to our Resistants, the group of manfredites that generously offered to be our beta-testers. It will be done in batches, so fresh eyes can get involved continuously, providing us with recurrent feedback from new users.

Right now, we are trying to identify and isolate all the variables that influence the whole updating LinkedIn process. This job platform, like many other big players in the market, have big anti-scraping measures and despite we can’t hope for 100% accuracy just yet. We'll need to keep trying and iterating to open that possibility to us.

We always wanted to make an impact on the Tech community and change how a hiring process is done. This is an awesome opportunity to do it.

Stay tuned for our next updates!

Posted on June 3, 2022, by Yago Cousiño
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