Weekly Product Report: team growth and multilanguage offers

Publicado el 10 de junio de 2022, por Yago Cousiño

For many months, we have been able to manage many product initiatives with an understaffed engineering team. Our crew has been working around the clock and fighting the frustration of deploying features with a more modest approach than we would have wanted (the last one, allowing multilanguage offers on our website). That's why this week we have invested resources on interviewing candidates that may join us in Manfred.

Onboardings are never easy, specially if you are welcoming +5 new colleagues in the next weeks, but we hope to see a gradual rise in our output.

Moreover, we are working in some big initiatives that will get us closer to our final objective:

  • We achieved another milestone in the last steps of the internationalization of Manfred as our first iteration of the multilanguage offers is deployed
  • We are almost ready to deploy a beta of our Update to LinkedIn feature.
  • Different public profile's views are starting to take form

Multilanguage offers

Being able to serve manfredites disregarding where they are from is one big objective. As a soon-to-be marketplace, we need to find critical masses of candidates and companies in different countries, so they can match. Of course, the normalization of remote work has eased this. However, candidates from different nations have different expectations and claims, so not all companies are ready to hire candidates all around the globe.

Anyway, our job offers are one of the big claims to new manfredites, drawing much traffic and attention from first-time visitors.

For the last weeks, we have been working on how to make these offers multilanguage and allow users to read them in all languages available. This has also made us rethink some parts of our offer data model. As we always do, we will track the use of the offers by both our manfredites and our team of scouts and improve the UX experience as we learn from that.

From now on, depending on the interface language you choose, and the filters you may apply in the job offers home page, you will be able to access to the language version of an offer that suits you better (if there's more than one).

The filter of the job offers will allow users to filter by the language of the offer

Resistant campaign will open soon

We are nearing the opening to the first batch of Resistant users the Beta of the Update to LinkedIn feature. As we have said many times in the past weeks, we think this may be a game-changer whenever is fully ready.

Again, we truly thank all the members of our community that have joined this fight for your professional data, even risking their accounts in some job platforms. We start our call to arms next week and we'll do it in small batches of users.

You will have news about us soon!

Next steps for improving our internal processes

Moreover, we are going through the feedback of our own team gathered in the last days to improve our own processes and serve you better. We want to reduce the manual workload of our recruiting team as we keep our NPS metrics stable in the high numbers. This will allow us to train our team better and help more candidates better.

This was one hell of a week, we'll keep up the good work!

Publicado el 10 de junio de 2022, por Yago Cousiño