Weekly Product Report: you can now share your profile with style

Publicado el 17 de junio de 2022, por Yago Cousiño

Creating value for our users not only when they are directly looking for a job is one of our main goals in the Product team in Manfred. We aim for long-term relationships with our manfredites in a sector that prioritizes transactions, and even though we know that it won't happen easily, we are determined to do it.

This week, the Product team makes another leap forward in hosting a public professional profile that you can feel proud of. Every one of our manfredites has their own professional career, and we want to give them options to tell their unique story effortlessly. That's why we are implementing a new view for our public profiles and a sharing system that will include a great deal of data privacy in the future.

You can find this new feature in the "Settings" section

Two type of views

You can now display your professional data in a new type of view. Apart from the timeline one, based on the StackOverflow format, you can now choose a more classic view, that will gather your information in another way. Our community was keen on having a public profile that some recruiters and hiring managers are more accustomed to, and we have delivered.

By the way, it is not the last view you will see 😉

You are going to be able to:

  • choose your slug
  • open your professional profiles to the public or not
  • preview and choose what view of your profile fits you better, even both
  • set your default view
  • index your information to search engines
  • show your contact information with a quick check

As always, we want to give you control of your data.

URL format, welcome mnf.red

Do you want more?

Product gives you more.

Size is important, specially when it comes to... sharing URLs. If you want to include your professional profile in, let's say, your Twitter profile, you have limited characters. We bought the mnf.red domain, so you will be able to share your profile in style.

Moreover, you will be able to choose the language of the static text of your professional profile. Either by including EN or ES in your profile, or by simply selecting your default language in your own interface.

So, if your default slug is getmanfred.com/profile/manfredite, its alias is also mnf.red/manfredite, and you can share it in Spanish using mnf.red/manfredite/es, or in English with mnf.red/manfredite/en. Quite simple, huh?

Go and set your slug, one manfredite has already picked the best

What would you expect when you hit on mnf.red/404? Go and take a look.

Antonio, respect 🤜 🤛 Our development team bows at you!

If you want to use your favorite nickname in your slug, create your profile asap!

Publicado el 17 de junio de 2022, por Yago Cousiño