Everything you need to know about the Salary Compass

Publicado el 20 de febrero de 2023, por Antonio Rodríguez

Salary information is still a pending issue. We cannot really speak of opacity, of lack of transparency. Who can know for sure, with real data, what their salary should be? The reality is that it is cultural factors that play a role in not talking about salaries. But the consequences of this lack of information are wide-ranging.

Again, at Manfred we asked ourselves what to do, and how we can solve this problem. And, once again, data is our answer. We have a privileged position to be able to build a tool that breaks the information gap, and that is what we have done.

// What is the Salary Compass?

It is a salary comparator that is fed with data from more than 25,000 Manfredites. Thanks to your information, completely anonymized, we have built a system that will allow you to know where you stand in the market, compare your profile with other similar ones, or simply access a general picture of salaries in the sector.

// Where did this need come from?

We realise that there is no point in building the career management platform we envisage if we don't give you insight into one of the most critical factors when it comes to career growth: salary.

The lack of salary information remains a major obstacle when it comes to the evolution of the tech industry. The uncertainties and equalities created by not knowing where you stand in terms of salary can be solved with real data. 

// What can it be useful for?

The reality is that the Compass is an orientative tool -that's why it's called a compass :P-. With it you can get an idea of where you stand salary-wise with respect to the market. Need salary information for that next job interview you have? Here's some guidance.
However, you will not only be able to know your position, but anyone. The compass allows you to do simulations. That is, create data distributions for the profile of your choice and the characteristics of your choice.

// How does The Salary Compass work?

The system used to construct the compass is based on a traditional probability density function. However, it is not just a distribution. If you want to know in depth the model behind the compass, we have prepared a post with all the information.

In order for this cross-referencing to take place, and for you to have full access to The Salary Compass, we will ask you:

  • Types of job roles you would like to undertake
  • Where you live
  • Salary range you are earning
  • Salary you aspire to earning
  • Technologies you work with
  • Languages you speak

As the saying goes “It takes a village”... Well, we are happy to build it, all we need are a few bricks. So just drop us your details and we´ll do the rest and share real, much-needed industry data.

If you want to know more about the archetypes we have built for the model, you can find out more about it HERE. 

If you want to know more about how The Salary Compass is built, find out in THIS post

That's all for now. If you have any questions, of course don't hesitate to contact us at team@, or through any of our social networks. 

Enjoy The Salary Compass fellow Manfredites ^__^

Publicado el 20 de febrero de 2023, por Antonio Rodríguez