Battle Report: October 2022

Publicado el 11 de noviembre de 2022, por Juan Pedro Belmonte

The Manfred Battle Report for October 2022 is here. The process of building and sharing it publicly along the way is much more fun and helpful to the community. If you are in a similar situation to us, we hope you will find these learnings helpful in addressing your own challenges. We provide you with a summary of our key financial numbers and business objectives. Making this public on the internet isn't easy, but we intend to do our best.

Battle Report
This month, we played some "three-in-a-row" with colours in our meetings

After having done so well on the return from holiday, the challenge was to keep up the pace in the following months to prove that we can go full throttle to finish 2022 at the top. We have continued to work hard to have an October as good as the last "Fredtember", so we present to you the results.

Gross Sales (excl. tax): We weren’t able to reach our goal for October, even though the number are still pretty solid. Especially considering where we were coming from months ago. However, it is far from being considered a good figure. We will continue to work to increase this number so that the percentage is positive.

Gross Billings (excl. tax): As always, sales and turnover go hand in hand, and turnover has also suffered a considerable drop. Moreover, the percentage variation of the two is quite similar. We don't want to make any excuses, we show you the data, and we will work to improve it next time.

Current: The previous month, we had a stratospheric increase in this section, so it was only natural that these figures would decline. In line with the rest of the sections, we see a significant drop, falling ten points below half-way.


Gross Sales (exclu. tax) refers to consulting services, Manfred Daily offers, or commissions coming from selection processes.

Gross Billings (excl. tax) refers to invoices sent out. This tends to match Gross Revenue, but we still have a certain time gap and, in addition, the billings take into account any possible corrective invoices that have to be made retrospectively. 

Current refers to the company's total assets and economic rights (cash, assets, outstanding receivables, and dividends).


Overall, we can consider this month to be an energetic one. We weren't able to accomplish some of the goals we set for ourselves, but overall we were able to accomplish the most of them. It has been a very productive month for Product & Development, leaving ready the New Portal with the proposed changes and completing the new onboarding, so our users have the best experience possible.

Another highlight would be the events we've attended! The TarugoConf and MorcillaConf in Burgos gave us the opportunity to meet the community in person again. Let’s see those "DEVELOPER" t-shirts! 📸

Last but not least, we met new people! As well as on the other side of the Atlantic, we welcomed to the team a new Fredder, Luis Lissen, who will take the role of SDR.

Our team (and @jerolba 😜) working as volunteers at #Tarugo22



  • To sell and invoice at least €257K (😔): In total, we fell short of our goal by €44K (€213K). In the future, this should serve as motivation not to fall behind.

Product & Development

  • UX improvements in the New Portal (😊): As planned, we were able to complete the improvements we started last month. Hopefully, we'll be able to show you next week.
  • New Onboarding!(😊): Here's the same thing... We're ready to go. As a manfredite, your experience will change forever. It hasn't been possible to make everything public yet, buuuuut…. STAY TUNED, ANTÚNEZ.


  • Sponsorship and stand in Morcillaconf and Tarugoconf (😊): Celebration alert... YAAAAAAYY! After two years of Pandemic, it's great to see each other again in person! We appreciate the community for always being there and showing love. Burgos was a great place to be and everyone had a great time participating in the Manfred Jam. And what can we say about #tarugo22... We had a great time. By sharing all the pictures with your friends and family, you blew up the hashtag #ManfredTarugo22. It's long live the TarugoConf.🫡
The Manfred Team at TarugoConf 2022
Our team at #Tarugo22!
  • Launch of the New Portal’s campaign (😑): Currently, we're tweaking a few things to be able to show you the new portal. We are only a few days away from sharing it.


  • Welcome & Onboarding of a new Fredder (😊): Please allow us to introduce you to Luis Lissen, our new SDR. Our team defines a new role by incorporating an outstanding player. Here is his welcome post if you haven't read it yet. Luis is a talented person, and we are delighted to have him on board. To infinity and beyond! ✌️


  • Exceeding the number of 50 leads (😊): We wanted to make sure that we accomplished our goals after some rough months. The task was completed! The month of September ended with 53 leads, and we are moving on to bigger and better next month.
  • Meeting new people on the other side of the Atlantic (😊): LATAM, good to see you! Our team had the opportunity to meet some amazing people across the Atlantic, but we can't reveal anything about them just yet. Isn't it nice to travel a little further?



  • To sell and invoice at least €264K: We can't back down now. Despite not meeting last month's number, we are increasing it. Don't let go yet, because we're still aiming to finish 2022 with a bang.

Product & Development

  • Import from LinkedIn: By bringing their data from their LinkedIn profile, we will help manfredites not have to manually enter the information. That sounds good, doesn't it?
  • Offer alerts: There's no doubt you'll enjoy this. You can set up alerts to be notified when a matching offer is published according to your search criteria. Changing the game.
  • Change of password: We will add this option to the portal for those who wish to change their password after listening to your requests


  • Launch of the New Portal’s campaign: Third time's the charm! The campaign is about to launch so that you will be able to understand everything that the new portal implies for you.
  • Are we becoming streamers? 😲 Twitch, here we come!!!: We have decided to take a big step and create our own Twitch channel. You will have the opportunity to see awesomic content, learn about our new launches and talk with our team. Is there any content you think we should share? You can start by subscribing and letting us know.
  • Launch of hiring project: Another interesting thing awaits us. Currently, we are working on a hiring project where you can learn about the different formats that can be found in a hiring process and how big tech companies do it. Hopefully, you will be able to see this content soon.


  • Launch project to improve remote culture: We believe in remote work, so we're always looking for ways to improve. This project will include the following components:
    • Questionary to analyse meetings we currently have (typology, duration, matter…).
    • Implement new meetings to help us support our Holocracy system: All Hands & Holocracy meetings.
    • Nikoniko Team status project implemented (scouting & engineering team) to detect burnout (besides 1:1).
Look, we have another one! 🟢


  • Exceeding the number of 60 leads: In the same way that we strive to exceed our sales numbers, we have ambitions to grow. Our customers rely heavily on us and we keep helping the same companies again and again, but we're always looking for new clients. There is a trend of hiring restraints, it is the companies in full growth by 2023 who decide to jump into the pool. But we have decided to set ourselves ambitious goals.
Publicado el 11 de noviembre de 2022, por Juan Pedro Belmonte
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