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Create your own Profile, going beyond your experience and leaving space for your ambitions, interests, side-projects...

Decide whether you make it public and shareable with the world or keep it private.

Decide on which version fits you better: the Default view, the Classic one... There are many more to come soon!

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Keep data synchronized, keep it yours!

Establish a two-way synchronization between your Profile and your own Github repo. Your information will always be updated and you’ll never lose it!

Your data is yours. This means you can consult, download, modify, delete and restrict access to it at anytime.

Your profile follows the MAC format, an open source JSON schema for sharing your information.

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Orientación Profesional

Estamos comprometidos con nuestra comunidad. Si necesitas una sesión de orientación profesional, la tendrás 100% gratuita.

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A Salary Benchmark made for you

Check your own personal metrics and your relative postition so that you can wisely design how to grow your career. Based on data, instead of opinions.

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