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Mid Python Backend Developer

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Whether it's because you like to see the sun instead of a polluted black cloud, or because you've never paid such a high electricity bill (even if you put the washing machine on at 4am), the issue of energy and renewables affects you.

Otovo is a solar panel installation marketplace, and one of the fastest growing European start-ups in the greentech sector. They have a vision to lead the way towards energy sustainability and the use of renewable energies. What is their contribution? To make sure that the sun is something we never lack ☀️

¿Qué harás?

If I tell you that with Otovo the word “growth” is too humble, it will sound like a cliché, and you will think that I am just trying to trap your attention.

Let me propose you something: give me 5 lines, and I am sure you will be convinced of its meteoric growth.

2016 - It is the year the rocket launches. It is not in Cape Canaveral, but in Oslo, and it does not seek to reach Mars, but to combat clime change by promoting self-consumption.

2017 - Otovo becomes an international project. They open their second headquarters in Sweden.

2018 - “C’est la Tour Eifel!” With an alliance with In Sun We Trust, the project lands in France.

2019- Otovo arrives in the country with the highest photovoltaic potential in Europe. Welcome to Spain!

2021 - In February this year, they went on the Stock Exchange. If they were rocketing before, just imagine how it will go from now on!

You will become part of a team that will launch Otovo in new markets. Your mission will be to understand what is needed for Otovo to succeed and grow in new markets, and to use that knowledge to improve and further develop their product. By doing this, each new launch will be smoother than the last!

Otovo’s product is a marketplace for installers. They compete themselves on price and quality to get their projects. This way, solar energy is available at every home easily, cheaply and with no need of home visits.

Thousands of customers produce solar energy in Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany and Brazil, and they need you to make local and clean energy available in every single home.

You will develop a scalable product and work with people from a growing number of countries, backgrounds and cultures. They will look for you to have a growth mindset. “You deliver today, but build for tomorrow”.

They are looking for a backend developer with solid Python skills and a good command of the Django framework, to join the team in Madrid. Otovo’s product also has an application layer built on React, so if, in addition to the above, you have interest (or experience) in frontend development, you will be their perfect match.

Let me sum up their stack for you:

  • Python + Django for the backend.
  • Frontend developed in React.
  • PostgreSQL as database engine.

Tu evolución

Tu primer día

En 1 mes

You will have been received with open arms (virtually speaking) and by then you’ll be one of the team.

This first month, you’re going to absorb info like a sponge. Onboarding + ramping up with different members of the team, looking at the tools, processes, rituals, stack, stakeholders and more.

Prepare pen and paper!

Tus responsabilidades

  • Adapt the platform to the new markets in which Otovo launches.

  • Assist with onboarding new local teams.

  • Iterate their go-to-market process so that the next market launch goes even smoother than the last one.

¿Cómo lo harás?

At the moment, the development team consists of 25 people and there are plans to grow it with, at least, 10 more members.

The engineering team is divided into 5 work streams:

  • New markets: the most important one, as it will be the one you join 😜.
  • Product sales: the work on this “tribe” speaks for itself.
  • Partnerships: they look after all the tasks related to interactions with the different companies that use Otovo’s marketplace. Friends will be friends!
  • Insights: the platform team builds the platform that helps Europe go solar. Otovo matches homeowners with installation companies that are able to deliver projects at a high quality and a good price.
  • Platform: is responsible for providing all the tools required for these companies to run sustainable businesses on the platform, as well as the solution used to make sure that homeowners get the value they are paying for.

Within the New Markets team, you will work closely with the Product Manager, who is based in Barcelona, and your colleagues in the development team based in Norway. In addition, you will also be working with other developers, Engineer Managers and Product Managers from the product department. They have a strong team culture, and you will learn a lot of cool stuff from your teammates.

You’ll manage your work together under agile methodologies. Internal organization is flat, with no marked hierarchies or pyramid structures. You will join in on different virtual meetings weekly to share ideas, discuss the company roadmap, and decide about the user stories to be developed in the next sprint.

Team building and working together is a big part of Otovo, so they would like you to enjoy some time at the office. You will have a lot of flexibility when it comes to working hours and location.

¿Cuándo trabajarás?

You set your own hours

They are very flexible regarding working hours. They only need you to be available for scheduled meetings (team meetings are generally arranged between 10:00 and 15:00 h to facilitate interaction with the whole team in Europe). The rest of your working day will depend only on you and how you organize yourself.

Día laborable

Jornada completa


24 días

¿Dónde trabajarás?





You will work from Madrid, and you’ll be welcome to come to the office as much as you want. The ideal candidate sees value in meeting colleagues and will therefore visit the office regularly. There might also be some possibility for travelling to new markets and the headquarters in Oslo in the future - if you want to, of course.

The current moment of growth that Otovo is going through is really special so, at this point, personal relationships and team building are essential.

¿Con quién trabajarás?

Christian Rooney (Head of Sales Operations, Spain): if you can’t find him out there, he’ll be looking for Otovo to grow so that the numbers add up at the end of this quarter.

Iñigo Amoribieta (Managing Director): helping the environment and pushing rooftop solar and renewables at Otovo.

Simen Fure Jørgensen (Co-Founder): CULTURE guarantor. He makes sure that Otovo reaches high while enjoying the journey.

¿Qué piden?

  • Previous experience in backend development. Full-stack development experience would be a plus.
  • 3 to 5 years’ experience working with Python and a good command of the Django framework.
  • Excellent communication skills in both spoken and written English.
  • Experience with relational databases (PostgreSQL).
  • Proven experience developing solid and scalable software architectures.

You will get extra points if you also:

  • Have interest in contributing to the frontend development.
  • Have experience with JavaScript and any of its frameworks (ideally React 🤩)



  • Python
  • Django

Estaría bien

  • JavaScript

Suma puntos

  • React

Otras habilidades


  • Aprendizaje Continuo
  • Capacidad de autogestión
  • Trabajo en equipo

Estaría bien

  • Adaptabilidad al cambio
  • Pensamiento creativo

Suma puntos

  • Atención al detalle

¿Qué ofrecen?





📡They will pay for your internet and phone bills. No more slow access at home.

💶Hardware budget, where you are free to pick your own gear.

👌Great pension and insurance coverage.


Seguro de salud
Dinámicas y eventos de teambuilding
Apoyo con tu plan de pensiones
Posibilidad de elegir equipo

What the FAQ?

It will take no longer than 2-3 weeks from first interview to offer made.

It will consist of 3 steps:

  • First interview with potential future colleagues.
  • Technical interview in which you’ll be working on a technical problem.
  • Meeting up with colleagues outside the product function.

This position is only open to candidates willing to work from Spain.

Mid Python Backend DeveloperMadrid y 80% remoto
Salario35 - 45K
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