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PHP Developer 🚀

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Spotahome has succeeded in transforming the process of finding accommodation for mid/long-term stays (+30 days) worldwide through a 100% online experience thanks to its booking platform.

To keep on scaling up their product, they’re looking for the next rising star who can take their developments to the next level, alongside the rest of the team. Could you be the next Spotter? Read on!

¿Qué harás?

Spotahome began as a start-up back in 2014, created by 4 mates who had the vision to revolutionise traditional property hunting by starting with the digitalisation of property rentals.

What do they do?

They make the rental process easier by allowing people to reserve properties 100% online from wherever in the world and, at this point, I bet you’re asking: how can I reserve a property without viewing it in situ, without even “touching it”? 

Easy answer 👉: they’re the only company who send “Homecheckers” to make videos, floor plans and take photos (right down to the drawers in the property) to reassure the person interested that what they’re renting is real and is a good match.

And they’ve helped over 150,000 people to find that perfect home, with over 100,000 properties in Europe and Asia on their platform.

What do they expect from you?

You’ll join the development team to work your magic with code and to contribute to their rapid growth. Boosting production is at the top of Spotahome’s agenda and every development you carry out will have a direct impact on the business and the end user.

What matters to them is that you have the MINDSET, a STRONG BACKGROUND and a WILLINGNESS to adapt to their stack and to the new developments ahead.

You’ll be in a full-stack developer role and you’ll be able to explore your full potential on the side you feel most comfortable. The only thing they ask is that you’re not afraid of both worlds.

You’ll play a key role in the team and, along with your workmates, not only will you take developments to the next level, but you’ll also be responsible for promoting their culture of learning and for reinforcing their culture of collaboration.


Tu evolución

Tu primer día

En 1 mes

You’ll be welcomed with open arms 🥳!

You’ll have a full grasp of your squad’s objectives, and you’ll have fully digested the core business by now, although you’ll be itching to find out what else you need to know.

You’ll do your onboarding alongside your buddy who’ll be by your side from the moment you land and for the first few months, so you always know where you’re up to and the reasons why, and you know who to turn to for anything.

You’ll have written your first (simple) code for production using pair programming, so you start to have an inkling of the final impact on the user.

Tus responsabilidades

  • Participate in the full product development cycle as well as in decision-making, alongside your team.

  • Design and implement solutions to help their users have a perfect experience when they search for new homes and reserve a place that they love.

  • Ensure good coding practices by always focusing on your code being clean and reusable, and by taking part in the team’s code reviews.

  • Tackle complex problems and offer solutions while placing a great emphasis on reliability and quality.

  • Identify and keep up to date with the latest tech developments so you can suggest new options that will improve their product.

  • Work very closely on the product in a cross-functional way with the other squads, by avoiding data silos and ensuring that everything is aligned.

¿Cómo lo harás?

As a team! 🤜🤛

There are now over 30 people in Product Engineering and they’re split into 5 main squads, although communication and knowledge flows between all the squads in a cross-functional way.

What’s the core of each squad

They’re divided up in the following way:

  • You’ll join one of the two product development teams: one is focused on the experience of tenants ((Broccoli 🥦) and the other on the experience of owners (TACO 🌮). 
  • A team called “Core Engineering” which is more focused on the part to do with infra, tools and observability. 
  • On the other side, there’s the Data and Analytics team. They’re responsible for extracting liquid gold from all their data.
  • Lastly, the “Core Product” team play a highly cross-functional role and are made up of Customer Knowledge Management and Customer Relationship Management who service the other teams. 

The product development squads are made up of 8/9 people in each squad, and they’re interdisciplinary teams, made up of developers, product developers and designers.

At Spotahome, continuous learning is part of their DNA. As a result, in addition to an individual training allowance, they offer numerous in-house initiatives to spread knowledge, such as their book club and their learning together initiative where they openly suggest different topics each week. They develop a worry loop and encourage continuous learning.

With the growth they’re experiencing, internal promotions are par for the course, so if you’re asking how they’ll exploit your full potential, here’s your answer: you’ll have 1:1 meetings every two weeks as a minimum with your manager and performance reviews at least twice a year.

Which stack will you use?

Beyond the stack, they’re looking for a decent mindset and a strong background. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know or don’t have experience in some of their technologies. At Spotahome, they’ll do their bit so that your learning curve is rapid.

Here’s how you’ll develop in your day to day: 

  • They use hexagonal architecture and DDD principles, among others.
  • For the backend, they use PHP 7+ for their microservices (the majority of them are based on the Symfony framework).
  • For the frontend, they mainly run it on React. They also have a native application developed on React Native and their data stack includes services in Python and Scala.
  • The testing on the frontend is carried out with Cypress and for their APIs, they use Behat.
  • Their whole platform is deployed with Kubernetes and they apply CI and CD to send code rapidly to Production several times a day, keeping all the operations under control.
  • Their main Cloud service provider is AWS.

They support open source software. They now have various projects ongoing and many more in mind for future sharing with the Community.

¿Cuándo trabajarás?

At Spotahome, they firmly believe in a work/life balance and in self-organisation, so that every person owns their work and their time. 

They normally start between 8am and 10am and they finish between 5pm and 7pm. They like their people to have the option of taking long weekends off 🚎 and so they offer the option of working half an hour extra on Mondays to Thursdays so you can finish at 3pm on a Friday.

Día laborable

Jornada completa


22 días

Jornada laboral


Turno continuo



Lunes a Jueves

Entrada flexible08:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 17:00
Salida flexible17:00 - 19:00


09:00 - 15:00

¿Dónde trabajarás?



Wherever you like!

This job is 100% remote working, although they’re always open to you dropping into their HQ in Madrid to share a few beers with them 🍻. 

They also have offices in Berlin and Milan, so if you’re adventurous and you like to travel the world, you can always pay them a little visit.

¿Con quién trabajarás?

As we’ve already said, there are now over 30 people in Product Engineering and this awesome team is growing all the time as there are still loads of people yet to join Spotahome.

These are some of the people you’ll be working side by side with:

  • Sergio Sánchez (Tech Lead): Passionate about best practices, Katas and wild mushrooms. He stepped up to become the technical lead of the TACO team 🌮, and he’s matched up to his title, no problem.
  • Lara Mateos (Senior Product Manager & Designer): Her knowledge of UX and product leadership, along with her strategic vision, guides the team’s efforts in improving the experience for property owners in their marketplace.
  • Rafa Vergara (Senior Software Engineer): One of the most recent recruits. With experience in start-ups such as MrJeff, Rafa is a breath of fresh air, with his affection for the gang, and an in-depth knowledge of martial arts.
  • Jorge Alonso (VP of Product, Engineering and Marketing): He strongly believes that Spotahome will transform the property sector forever, and he leads the Product and Engineering team along with the rest of the organisation in terms of data and marketing.

Here’s a pic, so you can put a face to some of the names of your future workmates 🙌

¿Qué piden?

Above all else, they’re looking for someone who’s proactive with a great mindset and who isn’t afraid of making mistakes.

Spotahome’s everyday language is English, so you need to be able to express yourself in Shakespeare’s official language 💂.

In terms of experience and knowledge, they’re asking for: 

  • Solid experience in performing software developments using modern technologies.
  • Experience in PHP backend development or JavaScript frontend development.
  • Whichever side you come from, you’re not afraid of the “other side”: back or front.
  • Understanding and experience in object-oriented programming.
  • Guidance on best practices.
  • A decent dose of communication and collaboration skills.

If you want to go to the top of the pile: 

  • Experience of modern engineering procedures and best practices which includes version control systems, code reviews, testing, CI and CD.
  • Understanding of the SOLID principles and software architecture patterns such as MVC, hexagonal architecture and DDD.
  • An interest in users, the product and the business.



  • PHP

Estaría bien

  • JavaScript
  • Symfony
  • React

Suma puntos

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • NodeJS

Otras habilidades


  • Adaptabilidad al cambio
  • Aprendizaje Continuo
  • Comunicación verbal
  • Capacidad de autogestión
  • Tolerancia a la incertidumbre

Estaría bien

  • Visión crítica
  • Capacidad de dar feedback
  • Capacidad de mentorización

Suma puntos

  • Visión estratégica
  • Pensamiento creativo
  • Liderazgo

¿Qué ofrecen?








  • 💸 Salary between €45-52K + 10% variable + Stock Options.
  • 🏡 100% remote working or flexible on-site/remote working if you prefer.
  • 🕑 Flexible working hours and the possibility of working compressed hours on Fridays.
  • 🎓 Allowance for training, business and teambuilding events.
  • 📚 Continuous in-house training.
  • 🌎 International working environment.
  • 🤝 Pulling together with the rest of the team to help the growth of a tech start-up with a really cool, dynamic vibe.


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What the FAQ?

Yes, although as long as you’re resident in Portugal, Italy or Germany, due to legal and administrative reasons.

Their recruitment process is swift: 

  • An initial meeting to get to know you in general. 
  • Technical test: you’ll be given 2-3 days to do it at home. 
  • Technical defence
  • Finally, a meeting to see if you fit with their culture.

No. It’s 100% remote.

Sometimes they organise face-to-face events (e.g., for business events, hackathons, training, etc.). but attendance is 100% optional.