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Javascript Backend Developer

Global positionFull-RemoteFlexible hoursEquityMedical insurance

Justos is an insurtech company that is admired by many worldwide for creating fairer, smarter, and more humane insurance products. They offer their clients products that are easy to understand and that reward them for safe behaviour. They swiftly resolve any mishaps thanks to an automated platform. It's science fiction in a sector where everything seems fictitious 🙌.

¿Qué harás?

Justos.com has just opened up in the Brazilian market, and they intend to keep on adding other new countries in the near future. They're building a global and diverse team of creatives, creators, analysts and operators.

They recently raised a round of seed capital investment spearheaded by some of the top funds and entrepreneurs in Latin America, and soon they'll be announcing their A series that includes some of the top investment funds in Silicon Valley.

You'll be part of a recruitment round that's key for their future growth. You'll grow together. Not only that, but you'll be equipped with everything you need for the role and to progress as a pro.

Alongside the rest of the team, you'll be responsible for their product's continued development and improvement. They're polyglots in programming language (Flutter and Node.js), databases (SQL and NoSQL), and architectural patterns (CQRS, EventSourcing, Microservices, APIs, webhooks, queues, etc.). They strive to get the most out of each technology.

Their infrastructure runs on AWS architecture with all services provided via PaaS, and they develop GitHub and CI/CD repos.

As for best practices, they try to not be dogmatic, but they truly believe in testing and automated testing. They're tasked with refactoring when the team requires it, and they juggle with the concept of technical debt. You need to know that there'll be times when the code's quality and maintainability have to be taken into account and, at other times, the time-to-market. The team aims to strike the right balance :).

If you want to learn a bit more about Justos, we'll leave this HERE, which gives more info about them.

Tu evolución

Tu primer día

En 1 mes

It's a startup that is rapidly progressing, so not only will you now have completed all the training as part of the onboarding process, and you'll understand everything that's needed in the architecture, database, and internal glossary, but you'll also be handling your first pull requests.

You'll know who your colleagues are, who's responsible for what, where to find the documentation for everything, and what the development processes are with all their conventions. You'll be actively involved in the team culture, you'll start to make your first contributions, and you'll be able to enjoy a project that you've worked on from the outset with TDD.

Tus responsabilidades

  • Create web services based on REST APIs that will be the core component connecting various front-end applications.

  • Develop back-end code that takes into account the specificities of horizontal scalability and concurrency in a cloud environment.

  • Contribute to defining the data model that will be used in the platform.

  • Always strive to find the best performance and optimisation that guarantees the optimum number of concurrent service requests.

  • Perform the required daily operations that keeps them on top of the service.

  • Create reusable code and libraries for future use.

¿Cómo lo harás?

In order to tell you "How you'll do it", there's no better way than to give you a bit of context:

It's really important to them that you can communicate with the whole team, so being able to speak fluent English is essential.

They operate in a really horizontal structure and a super fresh culture. Communication for them is really essential, and they encourage everyone to always provide constructive feedback, so you won't come across any barriers here!

They work in teams, and they want their new recruits to keep these good vibes going.

The company encourages remote working and their teams are split between Brazil and Spain.

Their learning philosophy works both ways. They passionately believe that they can learn a lot from others, but they also like to share their knowledge and do their bit for the community.

They believe that leadership should focus on defining the vision, strategy, objectives, metrics and roles, and then stay out of the way. People learn and grow by feeling empowered and making mistakes. It works for them and their employees as they resolve issues and steadily increase their degree of autonomy.

If we're talking about promotions and development, they think the best way their people can grow is to be surrounded by the best colleagues possible, and they're obsessed with building their own Dream Team. For better or worse, you'll always have the best chance of growing within the company than anyone who might join later. Promotions will be determined based on the needs of the company and stellar performers (in the current job and as per our principles).

Data-driven: Even though data are a valuable resource and one of the key pillars of their approach, the minds of the people who interpret the data and the needs of the people using the service are even more important. They encourage sound opinions, particularly when backed by data, but they also believe in finding the best alternative and then committing to it as a team .

¿Cuándo trabajarás?

You'll own your own time. They're really clear about the importance of integrating decision-making across the organisation and they encourage people to decide for themselves as to how, where and when they do their work.

They don't measure performance based on the hours worked: they always value performance based on the optics. So, they're seeking people who get really involved, who take responsibility, are self-motivated and conscientious, just like they are, so that, as they grow, they don't have to introduce more processes and unnecessary management layers.

They try to be as asynchronous as possible, and they use Slack a lot. Wednesdays are meetings-free, and on the other days, they try to hold meetings from midday (Spanish time) so that they tie in with Brazil's working hours too.


23 días

Jornada laboral


¿Dónde trabajarás?



Wherever you like! This job is 100% remote working.

They're based in both São Paulo and Spain (Madrid, Tenerife, Barcelona, Córdoba, Valencia, etc.), but as long as you have a good connection, you can work wherever you feel most comfortable: from home in a little village in Asturias to Honolulu 🏖️.

So if you fancy switching up your workspace and you want to work somewhere else, they're members of a network of coworking spaces called Zityhub and they also meet up at least twice a year. There's a bit more info in the FAQs section👇.

¿Con quién trabajarás?

The Justos team is multicultural and diverse. Some major investors in the region like Kaszek and more, plus CEOs from some of the hottest companies in Brazil and the USA support them.

The founders are from India, Mexico and Spain and they share over 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley, creating companies and even worked in leadership roles at Netflix, AirBnB and ClassPass. From day dot, it's been an international company but with strong ties to the startup culture in the San Francisco Bay Area.  You'll work in a cross-sectoral way with the rest of the team, especially with the Data Science team led by Antonio and the commercial and design team headed up by  Dhaval.

Within the engineering team, you'll work mainly with:

  • Jorge Soto (CTO). He works at the helm of all Justos products and he's the greatest cheerleader of the CULTURE. He's making sure that Justos is at the top of its game while enjoying the journey.
  • Matias de Carli (Head of Engineering). He looks after the team to make sure it keeps on growing and he leads the vision for technology. He also makes sure that the technical goals are met correctly and on time.
  • JJ Bocanegra (Full Stack Engineer). He spends his days between developing the frontend and backend and ensuring that standards are met, and that everything is developed by following best practices. He also gets help at home from Lima and Menta! (You'll find more info about them in the FAQs!)🐱
  • Pau Gasol (not THE Pau Gasol of Spanish pro basketball fame, he's a Backend Engineer). He's in charge of improving the backend by integrating it with internal and external services and spends his time worrying that his API is sound and runs quickly.
  • Bruno da Silva (Founding mobile engineer). A huge fan of technology and Android. He has an assistant named Pistolinha! 🐯.
  • Dhaval Chadha (CEO). He's the co-founder of Justos and he leads the company's vision. He's mainly in charge of the market, product and growth strategies.
  • Antonio Molins (Chief Data Scientist). He's a co-founder of Justos and he heads up everything to do with data, algorythms and predictive models. He was one of the speakers at Tarugoconf 2019 so he's a familiar face in our community.

¿Qué piden?

  • You need to have at least 4 years of experience working as a Backend Developer with Javascript
  • Experience of working with Node.js & Typescript
  • In-depth knowledge of related databases (PostgreSQL).
  • Knowledge of cloud-based platforms (kudos if you've knowledge of AWS).
  • Excellent project and time management skills. Understanding of creating timelines, estimating activities and organising priorities
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English
  • You've worked in Linux environments, and you understand how everything works behind the APIs.

You'll get bonus points if you also have experience in one of these areas:

  • Knowledge of Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)
  • Knowledge of Data Warehousing (Redshift).
  • You've worked under a Continuous Integration model with  code changes and automated builds to production (Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, TravisCI, CircleCI, Github Actions).
  • You've worked with some type of testing framework under the TDD philosophy.
  • Experience in defining RESTful APIs.
  • You're familiar with Agile software development methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban, etc.).

If you don't match their profile 100%, but you're confident that you fit the job, you can always give Raúl a shout (raul.cotrina@getmanfred.com).

¿Qué ofrecen?






  • 💼 Stock option plan with vesting at 4 years
  • 🏡 100% remote working
  • 🩺 Medical cover, restaurant vouchers, transport,
  • 💳 Flexible payment plan: nursery and training.
  • 🚀 Last, but not least, the chance to join a company in its early days with high potential for growth and a really cool work atmosphere in a team who are huge tech fans


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Capacidad de transformar parte del salario en pagos en especie como: cheques-guardería o Tickets Restaurant.

What the FAQ?

The truth is they need to cover the position RIGHT NOW, so they're trying to make it as speedy as possible. Normally, their recruitment process runs in 3 phases:

  • Cultural Fit Interview
  • Code challenge + meet with the team
  • Chat with the founders

Yes, the only thing is you'll have to sort out a visa. From day one, you'd have a consultancy contract you can use and meanwhile, they'll prep and handle all the documentation needed to change it. They offer a relocation package and the process can normally take 6 months on average if everything goes well. Once everything's in order, you'll get a permanent contract.

NO. They have team members working in Brazil and Spain and they don't have any problems recruiting anywhere, so we think that tells you everything you need to know. :)

You don't need to have any certificates or diplomas. They already have a consultant in place who helps them with all data protection matters, but it's important that you know about it.

At Justos, they believe that not everything is about your salary as such and they want to split it with Stock Options. It's a great way of giving you the option to choose. Here's a Link that they've given us so you can better understand it.

They're pet-friendly, so don't be surprised if you see two cats called Menta and Lima or a Chihuahua called Pistolinha when you're in a meeting! If you have any pets, they'll be delighted to say hi to them! 🐱