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Software Developer

🎯 Product 🌞 Social impact 🌐 IoT 🌎 International team 🕐 Flexible schedule 📈 Growing company

DEHN is an international company that is expanding into Spain and they are going to assemble a great engineering team to help them improve their applications and continue to protect and save lives with their hardware and software that prevents overloads.

Do you want to join to their engineering team? Read on!

¿Qué harás?

⚡ What does DEHN do?

DEHN is a German company with over a century of history 😮. They were born creating protections for lightning and electrical surges, and over the years they have evolved towards hardware and software related to this same field. Their devices and software are responsible for preventing electrical surges and hazards ⚡.

It is an international company, with more than 2000 employees all over the world, and they have more than 20 offices in different countries, including Spain, where their subsidiary is DEHN Ibérica.

If you want to know the history of a company with more than a century of history, they have a very cool timeline on their website.

If you notice, one of their latest milestones on this timeline is the appointment of their CTO, Christian Höhler in 2020. Which shows the dimension that technology has in this stage of the company, where software is essential.

In addition, in 2021 the DEHN digital solutions GmbH came to life and their role is to support the digital transformation of DEHN. Their mission statement is “We enable DEHN to shape its leadership in the digital future”. They do this by showing & encouraging global collaboration without boundaries in an agile way. While fostering a data driven culture, a customer oriented mindset and automated processes and building great customer software, digital services and smart solutions.​

🤔 What is the product like?

They have hundreds of internal and external applications. From their own patented software that helps them measure thousands of environmental data, to electrical control software that saves lives, to their management applications. A company with such a history also has a very broad technological history.

The Spanish delegation has grown a lot in recent years, and it is also a strategic point for their logistics. That is why they have thought about establishing a technological operations center, a HUB, in Madrid. They have started with some operations personnel, but their intention is to create a team of 30-40 people in the coming years.

They are having problems stabilizing the infrastructure due to the accelerated growth of recent years, in addition to wanting to create new software that replaces old applications and helps them automate many actions.

💪 What is the challenge?

The main challenge is to join and contribute to a great team from scratch in a rich software environment that encompasses various languages and contexts. Your mission will be to work as a Backend Engineer but with some contributions in Front as well, actively participating in translating the technology strategy into measurable and actionable steps. You will work in cloud enviroment using techs as Java 11/17, Spring Boot, Kafka.

You will work in a new team they are creating, focused on providing support to Dehn through CommerceTools. Currently, they have outsourced the development of these tools, but their idea is to internalize it by creating a new team. Besides you, they are looking for people for Frontend, Fullstack, and Cloud roles.

DEHN established many years ago, has created a 7-year technology strategy with several objectives in mind. One of the key focuses is to conduct an inventory of the multitude of applications that have been developed over time. The software landscape is diverse, comprising different languages and contexts. Your expertise will be instrumental in standardizing and organizing this software ecosystem. You will assist in evaluating applications that require revision or refactoring, identifying those that need to be completely redesigned, and contributing to the overall tidying up of the software environment.

Your contribution will be invaluable in creating a roadmap for the Spain team to begin their work in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

Furthermore, you will collaborate with the Germany team in stabilizing the cloud infrastructure. Your responsibilities will include enhancing automation, implementing measures to prevent failures, and minimizing downtime, all while working within the diverse software landscape.

This role offers an exciting opportunity to be part of a dynamic team in a challenging software environment. Are you ready to take it on and make a difference?

Tu evolución

Tu primer día

En 1 mes

As a Backend Engineer, you will undergo a comprehensive onboarding process, gaining a deep understanding of the business and familiarizing yourself with the architecture and development ecosystem. 

By the time you are settled in, you will be well-acquainted with the majority of the main subproducts and have a clear understanding of whom to approach for any queries or assistance.

In your role as a key member of the Dehn engineering team, you will play a crucial part in outlining the plan for the next 12 months, focusing on areas that require immediate improvement.

Tus responsabilidades

  • You will contribute to technical and architectural decision-making.

  • You will be one of the key figures in the CommerceTools team, using Java and Kafka to create an amazing product, ensuring maintainability, reliability, and quality.

  • Deliver robust and maintainable code with excellent test coverage.

  • Follow good practices in software development, adhering to coding standards, code reviews, and documentation.

  • Collaborate with different teams to contribute to the growth and success of the company and create a positive work culture.

  • You will provide guidance on best practices in Software development and explore technologically interesting proposals for the teams.

¿Cómo lo harás?

Currently, the development team is experiencing rapid growth. Although DEHN was founded decades ago, it is now creating the Spain Hub. The plans are to expand and establish a European reference team alongside their other hub in Germany. The development teams in Spain are small and in a growth phase, but you will not be alone as there is close international collaboration with technology teams around the globe.

There is much to be done at the moment, as they have been continuously creating and developing various functionalities for different solutions over the years. However, now is the time to standardize, give meaning to everything that has been done, and collectively decide on the best technological strategy for the future. They have mainly focused on Java Spring Boot with Kafka for the backend and work closely with cloud services. Although your primary focus will be on the backend, you may also assist your frontend colleagues, who work with different languages such as JavaScript and TypeScript, Node.js, and frontend frameworks like Vue.js/Angular, and Tailwind CSS. They are open to standardizing or homogenizing once the team is complete.

Currently, they prefer to maintain small teams to enhance autonomy and self-management, foster agility, and promote continuous improvement and good practices. DEHN, as a company, is a reputable multinational with stability and financial solvency, offering a secure environment for growth. However, don't be alarmed, their technology teams are new enough to combine the best of a multinational environment with a close-knit and technologically agile spirit.

¿Cuándo trabajarás?

The work schedule offers flexibility, and you will have the responsibility of making decisions in this regard. The engineering team operates with a self-organized working day, as they strongly believe it promotes asynchronous and autonomous work, which is particularly beneficial considering the team's anticipated growth in the short to medium term. Get ready to soar to new heights!  🛫.

Día laborable

Jornada completa


30 días

Jornada laboral


¿Dónde trabajarás?



You have the flexibility to work from wherever you prefer, especially if you have a subscription to an airline that Dehn is already partnered with. Currently, the technical team primarily operates in a fully remote setup 🌴, but you also have the option to work from the office in Madrid whenever you choose.

Dehn initially started as a fully remote company, and while they want their tech team to be based in Spain, they strongly value the benefits of remote work and work-life balance. This means that you may have colleagues located in various cities such as Madrid, Salamanca, Valencia, or Majorca :)

Additionally, Dehn plans to organize periodic in-person meetings at selected locations, providing opportunities for face-to-face interactions. These gatherings aim to complement the virtual work environment and have already proven to be highly successful during their first occurrence.

 The first of these meetings was a great success!

¿Con quién trabajarás?

Right now there are 3 people in the team, although it is likely that by the time you join the team there will be a few more. Some of the teammates you will interact are:

  • Julian Duerr ( Head of SW Architecture) - Has more than 10 years of experience as a developer and a lead Enterprise and Solution Architect.
  • Matthias Hecht (Agile Coach and Scrum Master) - Agile Coach for almost 2 years in the DDS
  • Ivan Palleiro Perez (Head of Engineering) - The geeky Head of Engineering with a love for graphic design. 
  • Julian, Rasciel, Zigor (Full-Stack, Front-end, Fullstack Developers) - Started last year in Spain as the first Spanish developers.

¿Qué piden?

They are seeking a person who is passionate about technology and product development, a skilled developer who is willing to code in different languages. They are also looking for someone who is enthusiastic about the startup world. Additionally, they have a few more criteria in mind:

  • You have experience working in a complex technology environment, demonstrating strong programming skills. It would be great if you also have experience with different languages but focus on Java with Spring Boot.
  • You love working with Kafka
  • You possess strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, enabling you to debug and resolve complex backend issues, optimize performance, and ensure system reliability.
  • You have a solid understanding of programming fundamentals.
  • Testing is important for you (they use Cypress to make sure the code is great)
  • You have a keen interest in the different phases of a product, from concept to implementation.
  • You have excellent communication and presentation skills, particularly when discussing complex data-driven topics.
  • English is a must. You will work in an international ecosystem.

It would be advantageous if you

  • have experience working with CommerceTools
  • are open to working as a full stack developer, taking on some frontend tasks (they use Nuxt (Vue.js), Tailwind and TypeScript)
  • You are used to work in a Serverless enviroment using clouds as Azure or AWS



  • Java
  • Spring Boot

Estaría bien

  • Kafka
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Docker

Suma puntos

  • TypeScript
  • Vue

Otras habilidades


  • Liderazgo
  • Aprendizaje Continuo
  • Capacidad de autogestión

Estaría bien

  • Atención al detalle
  • Autonomía en el aprendizaje

Suma puntos

  • Tolerancia a la incertidumbre
  • Adaptabilidad al cambio



¿Qué ofrecen?


Hasta 50K





📡 100% flexible work set up: Remote and/or Office based in Barcelona.

✈️ Decision making freedom when it comes to your teams and how you can develop

💻 All the equipment you need to work comfortably. We’ll provide you with a Windows based Laptop, up to two monitors, an external Bluetooth keyboard and mouse plus a headset.

🚀5 paid “Growth Days” per year for personal and professional development. This will give you opportunity to learn a new skill or develop yourself further


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Descuento en productos de la empresa
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What the FAQ?

You are only eligible for this position if you are a resident of the Spain.

  1. There will be an initial meeting with 3 colleagues from the SCRUM master, the Lead Software Architect and one more team member
  2. For the second meeting we’ll give you a small task, which you will present and then we will discuss this and then have a more tech related talk
  3. The third meeting is our culture meeting in which you’ll meet other team members and we’ll present our values and culture and talk about it