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Senior Python Backend

✈️ Equipo Internacional📚 Formación🙌 Buen Ambiente

At Pix4D they help thousands of users to get accurate digital versions of reality, based on data from images.

If you want to help them to improve the way their employees and customers make businesses, you should read carefully 🔍

¿Qué harás?

You will join their Customer Experience team as a Senior Backend Software Engineer. Your role will be focused on developing internal tools, and customer-facing services that enable sales and marketing of their products.

If you like drones, image processing and/or photogrammetry you probably would have used their products and know them, if not, let me explain that they provide end-to-end professional desktop, mobile and cloud products that enable thousands of customers worldwide to export data from images taken by plane, drone o mobile phones.

There are more than 275 employees that speak more than 26 languages of 42 nationalities, including some people working from their branch office in Madrid. The systems that your team develops are used by thousands of customers every day, and they are essential to the success of the company. You should connect and evolve ticketing, connecting with billing, websites…

Their next step is to simplify and migrate from a set of different tools to a more integrated solution, using HubSpot as a key element in their way of doing business.

Tu evolución

Tu primer día

En 1 mes

The team has introduced you into the drone and photogrammetry world.

You know your team and started to understand the business environment and tools.

You will have experienced the diversity and probably knew some people from several of their 42+ different nationalities. They hope you will feel as one of them regardless your gender, background or religion.

You have made your fist PRs.

Tus responsabilidades

  • Diseñar y desarrollar software que se integre con soluciones de terceros que hagan funcionar las operaciones de negocio de la compañía.

  • Introducir y promover mejores prácticas de testing que aseguren un código fiable y mantenible.

  • Colaborarás con otros ingenieros, product managers y diseñadores de UX a lo largo del desarrollo para involucrarles en la toma de decisiones y asentar correctamente las expectativas.

  • Contribuir con la documentación a compartir el conocimiento y aumentar la implicación y el conocimiento de todo el equipo.

  • Probar y aplicar nuevas opciones que hagan los sistemas más sencillos y eficientes.

¿Cómo lo harás?

The systems you are going to develop are based on Django, Docker, PostgreSQL and are deployed to AWS. You will be in an agile team where practices such as code reviews, pair programming and continuous integration are part of the culture. 

You will play a central role in the development of new features and integration with third-party systems to improve the workflows of commercial teams worldwide. 

You will work with other software engineers as well as product managers from the marketing, sales, customer support and finance departments. If you have ideas to improve and refine the way things are done, this is the perfect opportunity.

As the QA team is starting to automate testing, you will contribute with your colleagues to improve the quality of code, advocating for coding best practices, and any experience you may have to ensure well-tested and maintainable code is more than welcome.

¿Cuándo trabajarás?

At Pix4d, staff really DO enjoy flexible working hours. The only thing they ask is that all members of the team are available during a particular time slot so that you can coordinate (you know, the daily, the Retro, meetings to discuss decisions, etc.). 🙂

Día laborable

Jornada completa


25 días

Jornada laboral


¿Dónde trabajarás?





The company has 6 branches and the Headquarters in Switzerland, but in this offer we are looking for someone who will be in Madrid branch that it is in 

Paseo de la Castellana, 77

28046 Madrid, Spain 

As they have a strong collaboration culture they believe that important and complex things needs human interaction so 2 days per week at the office is the normal way.

¿Con quién trabajarás?

They are more than 280 people, near 150 in the tech part. In Madrid you will have 16 colleagues at the moment but you will be part of a global team with people in Spain, Poland and Switzerland,

  • Alexis Castilla (Head of product) he is one of that spanish that found a good professional opportunity far from Madrid (the CERN in Geneve) and after some years having a brilliant career at Pix4D convinced them that Madrid is a good place to find talent and make business.
  • Emilijan Sekulovski (Head of CXOps) enjoys crafting customer centered solutions. He will be the you main contact during your first months at Pix4D he has been there 2 years less than Alexis but he knows everybody and will help you to feel part of the team ASAP.
  • Emma Mattsson (Senior Talent Acquisition team Lead) is helping the company to manage growth while keeping values and culture, she is here to help you.
  • Andrea Lobo Arroyo (Junior Software Engineer) is one of the examples that diversity is a reality that enrich Pix4D, she studied audiovisual communication and then programming, and has been helping the team the last two years.

¿Qué piden?

Talking to "the three Wise Men" they are asking a Senior Software Engineer with at least 7 years of experience and...

  • Solid experience developing solutions using Python with one of the modern frameworks (they currently are using Django)
  • You own your code, share knowledge and make people around you improve their code, sometimes teaching to them but always learning.
  • You have a clear understanding that software development is made to improve people’s life by solving business problems

You are the perfect candidate if you:

  • Your experience includes AWS solid knowledge.
  • Integration with CRMs, ticketing tools, finance and their business processes.



  • Python
  • PostgreSQL

Suma puntos

  • AWS

Otras habilidades


  • Trabajo en equipo
  • Pensamiento analítico



¿Qué ofrecen?


Hasta 65K





🏖️ 25 days of paid holiday (23 your election + 24 and 31st December)

🏥 Health Insurance

🤲 Flexible benefits with Sodexo

🩺 Employee Assistance Program (7x24 anonymous access to provide metal health assistance to the employee and their relatives)

💵 Discounts for different activities and services with WeWork membership.

🌎 International company multicultural (42+ nationalities, 26+ languages)

🎓 Learning and professional development opportunities (€1.500 annual budget to manage with your manager).

What the FAQ?

Para optar a esta vacante debes tener permiso de trabajo en España y querer vivir en la maravillosa ciudad de Madrid.

  1. En la parte técnica
  2. Prueba técnica de Python online (±15min)
  3. Entrevista con PM (Emilijan) y el tech lead (Igor) (±1.5h)
  4. Entrevista con HR (Emma) (±30 min)
  5. Entrevista con el equipo; (±30min)
  6. Entrevista final con Alexis, Manager de la oficina de Madrid

Si todo está ok recibirás una oferta para unirte. 😉