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Offer closed on 08/04/2022

Senior Backend Developer

SalaryTo 70K
No-stackTechnical challengeGrowing

If you imagine working for a banking company as something boring, you can start deleting this image from your head 🤯. Intergiro is a fintech that does online banking for modern businesses. They offer business banking, but they also let their customers build their own products using Intergiro’s Banking as a Service APIs.

Are you ready to be their new Senior Backend Developer in one of their domain specific teams? Keep on reading!

What will you do?

Intergiro is a fintech, conceived in 2017 to help new internet business models thrive.

The founding team and their network were a group of creative and rebellious misfits. The kind that never had a ‘normal’ job, true entrepreneurs. 

They provide financial services to the "underbanked" and bringing them onto the financial grid. And their customers have access to multi-currency accounts, card issuing and card acquiring solutions across Europe. All in all, they are trying to make banking more technically advanced.

Currently, they have 2 products:

  • 1) Business banking - they started 3 years ago with this B2B product, and up to now they have more than 2.000 customers, increasing this number monthly.
  • 2) Banking as a service - more than 6 months ago they launched this B2BC product in order to offer white label solutions for their customer. They have an API based solutions, where they offer all the banking functionality without the need to have a banking license, because they take care of all the regulatory staff

As a financial institution, both products, and the new products that they are building, are backend focused.

In Intergiro, they are more than 160 people, 70 of them in the Engineering Team. These 70 people are divided in different roles QA, DevOps, Security, Data Engineers and, of course, more than 40 developers.

And now they are looking for a Senior Backend Developer that can help them to achieve their goals in the nearest future: new features, new products, architectural challenges and scalability. Do you want to join them? It’s the perfect time!!! They’re growing a lot and have several challenges in the next months: architectural challenges, scalability,...

It’s the perfect time to join Intergiro, because they’re growing and have a lot of challenges in the next months: architectural challenges, scalability,...

Currently, their technical stack is based on:

  • Javascript: Node.js & React
  • MongoDB & MySql
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • TeamCity CI
  • Google Cloud Platform

Your evolution

Your day ZERO

In 1 month

You will have already met your onboarding buddy and the team. To start giving value to the team, you will have your work environment prepared and all the necessary permits. You saw the system in action and started it locally. With all this, you can start taking some small features to get familiar with your team's part of the system.

Your responsibilities

  • End-to-end building, developing and deploying of financial services.

  • Using a functional style of programming, simple, maintainable, idiomatic and high-quality code.

  • Creating & conducting tests.

  • Owning problems within your team’s domain.

  • Collaborating with multiple teams within a clean architecture paradigm.

  • Being fully involved in building a great product.

How will you do it?

Although they are more than 70 people in the Engineering Team, they are divided in small teams. This division is based on product domains, not technical ones. For example, they have a team for the customer dashboard, another one for the card products,... And all these domains impact in all the products that they have.

Every domain specific team consists of:

  • 4-6 Developers, including a Tech Lead
  • 1-2 QAs
  • 1 Product Manager

DevOps and Delivery are handled by the team. They promote the motto "You build it, you run it". However, there is a System&Operability Team who works on low-level infrastructure and can help you with any challenge.

If the backlog of a team is too big, and they have too much work, they don’t increase the number of people in the team. What they do is split the responsibilities and the domain of the team into two different teams.

Everyone is invited to have product and business discussions with the product managers, so that they can suggest ideas and get involved in the features’ improvements.

One important thing is that the teams are independent and self-governed, so they can make their own decisions in terms of how to solve a problem, the technology they use, the core hours or the perfect time for the daily meetings. And, as a data centric company, in order to make the decisions, the data is open to everyone, and they can see service dashboards in Metabase.

But of course, it doesn’t mean that the team is alone. In Intergiro there’s a very flat structure and all the Chief Officers are open to discuss anything with the team. And also, there’s a lot of communication, mostly asynchronous one. They prefer to use Slack more than calls to communicate. Every Friday there’s the CEO message where he shares the latest news, and once per month, they have an all hands meeting where they share company news and new feature releases.

And belonging to the Engineering Team, the Engineering Managers will also help the Dev Teams, taking care of the career development and the 1:1s and all the people related questions.

When will you work?

The Intergiro’s team is flexible, fully remote and fully distributed. You are in control of your personal life, and the only way to achieve it is having flexible working hours.

They believe in async communication, and every team coordinates themselves on the core hours to be online.


28 days

Working hours


Where will you work?



This position is 100% remote, so as long as you are sure you have a good connection, it doesn't matter where you are working from!

Who will you work with?

There are more than 70 people in the Engineering Team, with different roles. In your team there will be, apart from you, 3-5 developers, a QA and a Tech Lead. You will work very closely with them, but they don’t know yet in which you will be. But at least you will work very close with:

  • Engineering Manager
  • Head Of Engineering
  • Architect
  • System Engineers
  • CTO
  • HR

What are they asking for?

They are looking for a Senior Backend Developer that:

  • Has relevant backend experience
  • Wants to work in nodeJS. If you have previous experience in JS or TS in the backend, great. If not, don’t worry, they believe that with a strong knowledge of another technology you could learn it quickly.
  • Ready to work with pipelines and adopt the DevOps culture in the team.
  • Can work autonomously and think independently, but also is a true team player.
  • Can communicate without any problem in English.

It’s a plus if you: 

  • Have been involved in the backend development of large-scale applications.
  • Have good knowledge of Javascript or Typescript.
  • Are used to work with TDD.


No stack
No stack

They are looking for professionals who have the necessary knowledge to perform the functions of their position regardless of the technology used.

This would be good

  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript

Other skills


  • Capacity for self-management
  • Autonomy in learning
  • Team player

What are they offering?


To 70K





🤘 Opportunity to work with like-minded individuals in a modern and fast-paced environment

📡 100% remote working.

💰 Stock Options

🕓 Flexible working hours. You just have to coordinate with your team the times when you will have the daily meetings.

🏥 Medical insurance

💻 Top-quality equipment

🏀 Sports expenses compensation

🎓Education sponsored by the company and being a part of the culture (500 $ per year)

🏖️ 28 days of holidays.


Budget for training
Health insurance


No, due to legal reasons, they need to hire people living in Spain.

They want to cover this position ASAP, Their process has 3 different phases:

  1. Introduction call with an engineering manager, where you will talk about the company and the products
  2. Technical call with HR and the dev team. The first 30 minutes, Darya will answer all your questions and after that, there would be a 90 minutes call where you will talk about technology and development.
  3. Last phase: you will meet the CTO in order to talk about core concepts and the understanding of technical problems.

No, in fact, they don’t have an office! It’s a full remote position. They are definitely planning to gather together for some team building activities.