Worklog 1

Publicado el 6 de septiembre de 2018, por David

It's been almost two months since the public release of Manfred. Since then, we have survived the holidays and have taken our first steps and, as in almost all newborn companies, some have been quite clumsy.

Probably, our biggest mistake has been to underestimate the time needed to study the profile of a candidate ... and we have received around 130. But that should not be a problem if we had managed expectations well.

Unfortunately, our second big mistake was not to communicate quickly and transparently to all stakeholders (companies and candidates) our bandwidth and potential deadlines. We beg your pardon.


Mistakes can't be undone, but we can learn and try to avoid to repeat them again. We are committed to be in touch constantly with all our partners but, because we really believe that being transparent and accountable is the best way to manage a business, we have also decided that we will write a Bi-Weekly Public Worklog to explain what we have done in the last days and what we plan to do next. This is the first one:

Our first Candidates Database

Finally, we have read, tagged and documented all the profiles received from July to September. We have used Airtable to store all the data and metadata (notes, comments, updates) and it's working pretty well to manage the fuzzy logic queries needed to link both people represented by Manfred and job offers received.

Worklog - Airtable

We store up to 19 parameters in the profile of each candidate (and that's just the beginning as you will read later). Airtable is also an awesome tool to visualize these profiles, including pictures or other media like visual portfolios.

Worklog - Candidate Profile

Our first Companies/Offers CRM

As you know, Manfred has a dual model, so we work also with companies looking for the best talent. Finally, we have contacted, qualified and documented all the leads received up to the end of August. We have used Trello to store all these potential partners (22 companies) and manage them in our funnel:

Worklog - Trello

We have also created a pipeline to triage, qualify and manage all the job offers received and its current status:

Worklog - Trello

What's Next?

Next 2 weeks we want to meet some candidates to become Manfredites and build the first version of our Extended CV, designed from the scratch with all the feedback collected from both candidates and companies to provide/receive as much valuable info as possible before a job interview.

Publicado el 6 de septiembre de 2018, por David