Weekly Product Report: giving more power to users!

Posted on May 26, 2022, by Yago Cousiño

Another week under our belts. While we work to close the i18n initiative, we are defining the style and intend of our users' public profiles and looking to solve the synchronization with other job platforms, like LinkedIn. But, more importantly, this week we are giving more power to users by launching a red button to delete their accounts unassisted. Yes, it may sound crazy but, until now, they had to email us, and we had to delete their data manually!

i18n is still underway

Our internationalization process continues. After launching the first part, we are still working on some improvements. These include polishing the interface for the language selection in our job offers and the location fields in our profiles.

However, this week we are launching the feature that allows manfredites to receive each and every communication from us, including emails, in the same language they selected in our app. This way, we can better help our community and be more consistent in their experience with us.

Do you guys speak English? GIF

Your data is under your control, and will always be

One of our core values in Manfred is giving our users the power to manage their data. We firmly believe that your professional data should be yours and only yours, therefore you can move it from job platform to job platform or simply erase it if you want to.

Until now, deleting a manfredite account involved several manual steps from our end. The process was not really straightforward, though it worked quite well. Now you can delete your account autonomously in your Settings section. Moreover, you can also give us specific feedback about why you want to stop trusting us your professional career. We want to improve and learn from every interaction with our users, so don't be shy about your opinions 🙂

As much as we hope our community does not use this feature often, we want happy users in Manfred, not hostages.

Giving autonomy when deleting accounts will be one way of giving more power to users

Talking about data

One initiative we are not communicating that much is our Instrumentation efforts. We are working with Segment and Amplitude to monitor the use of our platform and improve based on data. Making decisions based on data will be key to grow Manfred, as every mistake will become more and more expensive as we move forward.

We will share a survey to better understand how the Tech community uses CVs and how they share them. Stay tuned to know how we apply these changes to our public profile.

Update on Import & Connection to other job platforms

We have been testing how to improve the rate of success of the Import from LinkedIn feature, which is still in beta mode. There is no easy fix to the issues we are monitoring, so we have decided to change our approach and roll-back this feature. We have learned a lot about this, but we think we should not offer you a feature that works less than 50% of the time.

We see the Import and Connection features to other job platforms as something core in our product, so we will invest as many resources as it is needed to have something solid and reliable.

Hope to show you our progress soon! 👋

Posted on May 26, 2022, by Yago Cousiño
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