War report: June 2022

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We share our milestone numbers and objectives in our June 2022 War Report, as well as the learnings and advice we have collected. We hope they will be useful in providing lessons for others who are in similar situations to ours or can benefit from their publication. Building in public is not easy, but we pretend our best.

June has been a FULL MONTH! We handled our very first event (#FredCon22), we had our Second Xuntanza (our teambuilding meetings), we reached our sales goals and made a new sales record in Manfred, and we launched new functionalities for our Manfredite’s profile. All our departments have grew and we are READY to face a NON-STOPPING summer.

Sales (without taxes): We’re growing and the numbers are with us. This is GREAT news. Our Scouting team is bigger than ever, and we’re turning into a record-breaking team. Again, numbers are coherent with our team and their effort.
Billing (without taxes): Billing

May 2022234.046€221.310€62.376€
June 2022245.148€251.112€97.560€

Sales (without taxes): consulting services, Manfred Daily offers, or commissions coming from hiring processes.
Billing (without taxes): invoices sent out. They tend to match sales, but we still have a certain time gap and, in addition, the invoicing assumes the possible corrective invoices that have to be made.
Current: the company's total assets and economic rights (cash, assets, outstanding receivables, and dividends).


As you may know, we give big importance to numbers, but also to team goals. Manfred’s not just a services company, but also a product one. That’s why reaching our goals month by month is as important as reaching the sales numbers.

June has been an intense month. First, we have handled the first event organized by Manfred: #FredCon22. It took place on the 29th July at Teamlabs, Madrid. There were two talks, headed by David Bonilla and José Manuel Calderón, and a Round Table, in which Bhavna Karani, Ramón Egea and Irene de los Ríos participated (and José Martín moderated). It was a success. We found many details to fix for the next occasion, but it still the first event we have ever organized.

Our Product team has launched the multi-language mode for the job offers on our web page. Now, with just a click, you’ll be able to access the offer in Spanish or English. Also, a new view for the Manfred profile has been launched: the classical one.

There are, also, six new Fredders that have joined our team in June. Jess, Alejandra and Lara, to the Scouting team. Óscar, backend developer, and Adrián, Support Technician. Also, JuanPe, new Marketing Intern.

June goals


  • To sale and invoice at least €220K (😁). Sales goals are increasing as our team grows. Once again, our Scouting team prove that they have reached the cruise speed!

Development & Product

  • Multi-language offers (😁). COME ON! They’re already prepared. There are some offers that are just displayed in one language, but the largest part is translatable in just one click.
  • Allow different views for Manfredite's profiles. YAY! (😁) We have implemented a new view for the Manfredite’s profile. Now, there is not just available the normal view, but the classical one (that allows more info in one view and it’s more similar to a standard CV).
  • Working with the first batch of beta-testers for the Updating from Asgard to LinkedIn (😐). Still working on it. The first batch of beta-testers will be soon prepared to test our precious jewel!
Image via Pamplona Software Crafters


  • Participating in JNation, VLCSofting, Hired!BCN, Pamplona Software Crafters (😁). WE WENT! Manfred was in JNation, Hired!BCN and PSC, (also FredCon, of course). It was a total pleasure for us to be able to be there and meet different people from our sector.
  • Organizing the FredCon (😁). We DID IT. #FredCon22 was a total success. Around 80 people gathered in Teamlabs to chat about hiring, HR and building relationships.
  • Hire a new marketing intern (😁). COME OOON! JuanPe has arrived to the MKT team. He is from Murcia, he studies Journalism and Media Studies and is willing to share all his ideas. Get to know him HERE.


  • Take care of six new fredder’s onboardings (😁). Jess, Alejandra, Lara, Adrián, Óscar and JuanPe have joined our team! WOW. They’re all part of our team already
  • Keep the focus on hiring (😁). YAY! New Fredders are joining our team in July, as well! You will meet the really soon.
  • Organize and kick off our second Xuntanza (😁). It took place in Madrid. We jumped, we danced, we chatted, we talked about our future… Our second Xuntanza was a total SUCCESS.

July goals


  • To sale and invoice at least €235K. Okay… This is a big rise. Let’s GO BIG!

Development and Product

  • Export a summarized version of your CV to PDF. This is our new launch… We stay quiet. We will just say: STAY TUNED ANTÚNEZ!
  • Next steps to write manfredite’s data in LinkedIn, add more beta-testers. Our final goal is still in preparation. The LinkedIn synchro is an ambitious objective that will take time. We will need more beta-testers to Join our Resistance.
  • Create and share Job Applications
  • Keep the onboardings of the new Development Fredders. Óscar and José Manuel are the last 2 Fredders that have joined our Development team. The onboarding will continue during July.


  • Keep JuanPe’s onboarding going. JuanPe, our last joining for the Marketing team is drinking all the knowledge that’s necessary. We will keep his training going during July.
  • Kick off Montaraz project. FINALLY. We hope we can announce the ending of Montaraz project at the end of July. We just can say… You will hear from us SOON.
  • Launching Your Applications campaign. The next product functionality need a proper Communications campaign. Product and Marketing will work hand to hand to earn the best results after launching “Your Applications”.
  • Attending JBCN Conf. The first big Java and JVM conference in Spain. Barcelona will host this great event next 18th to 20th of July 2022. We will be there to meet you all.


  • Focusing in onboardings. After two months in which hiring has had a big impact on our team, we need to focus in giving the new Fredders the best tools, so they can become their best version.
  • Starting to grow a new Happiness proposal. Earned by the Scouting team after having reached sales numbers. They will have three Fridays off in the next quarter.

If you want to learn more, you can find further details on our public roadmap.

Publicado el 11 de julio de 2022, por Antonio Rodríguez
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