How to survive Stackoverflowgeddon? 馃拪

Publicado el 24 de marzo de 2022, por Coral Mocquot

On January 13th, StackOverflow CEO announced that the company would discontinue Developer Stories, the online CV format used by the popular technical Q&A site.

As of March 31, MILLIONS of developers would lose their professional data, created and updated over more than 7 years. Thus, the solution proposed by StackOverflow 鈥揺xporting the Developer Story as a PDF鈥 does not allow them to manage their data, or import it onto other platforms.

So we decided to take action.

We're launching a website today that allows any StackOverflow user to download their Developer Story data as a JSON file, without requiring registering or providing any email address. For free. Open Source. For the community.

Our StackOverflowgeddon landing page

Additionally, TODAY we have released a couple of new cool functionality to be able to "rescue" our comrades' data:

  • A universal, interchangeable, and open-source CV format, readable both by humans and machines: the MAC (Manfred Awesomic CV)聽which describes the structure of the JSON files, where Developer Stories data is stored.
  • The ability to automagically synchronize our users' data with one of their repositories on GitHub. This way, what happened to Stack Overflow users will never happen to them again. Even if tomorrow we go crazy and decide to shut down everything,聽users will always have an updated copy of their data, in their possession.

If you know someone affected by StackOverflowgeddon聽or think that this functionality could be helpful to your friends or colleagues,聽please help us to send them this "survival kit" by sharing this news on your social networks.

Data ownership is a right, not a feature聽馃挭

Publicado el 24 de marzo de 2022, por Coral Mocquot
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