Hire the best tech talent

We help you find the best technical fit with a great cultural fit to build the team you need and accompanying you in the selection process and taking care of all the candidates.

I want you to help me hire the best

You need to hire but...

You don't even know where to start

Help me set priorities

You have a clear idea, but you can't find the candidates you are looking for.

Help me find the impossible candidates

We help you to find those people you are having so much trouble finding.

We have a technical background and speak your language.

  • Our Account Managers are techies
  • We have +90000 candidates in our database
  • We write the best offer in the market
  • We filter applications and look for the best
  • We interview them and send you a selection of the best 3-4
  • We accompany you throughout the whole process

We have developed our own tool to centralize the hole selection process in one place.

A tool to write your offer, know your chances of success and have all your candidates organised in the same place. And with real time data of each process.

Get candidates effortlessly

Pass candidates to technical interview in a matter of 2-3 days. Once we have your offer published, our human algorithm (Manfred's people) will get to work:

-Filtering the best applications

-We will search for profiles in our community based on your needs

All designed to get you good candidates in no time.

Now, open more offers in parallel! Because we take care of the sourcing.

We filter. You follow the whole process and receive alerts at all times.

Forget about the hundreds of unfiltered applications you have on Linkedin. Here, we filter the best profiles based on your needs. Go from 100 applications to 5 good interviews ^__^

You will have alerts and notifications so you never miss anything. Every time someone is waiting for your answer or feedback, you will get a notification.

Speed up the recruitment and learn from your data

Reduce the time it takes you to find good profiles and don't worry about it thanks to the tool's guided recruiting.

Get more time for yourself; so you can do more things and with more love. Speed up your company's recruitment process. And, once you've hired... Start again! Open a new offer, or two, or three... ^__^

And always with data on what happened in each process, so you can learn as you go along and make better decisions.

With the Manfred team always at your side

You will do this whole process with a Manfred person always on the other side, helping you, being your "dance partner".

You will always have a Manfred scout with you, guiding you through the first process, giving you information, introducing you to candidates and providing you with data so you can learn from your processes.

Don't how how to start with your hiring strategy? We can help you

If you need help defining what role you need, how to do a process or want advice on how to organise your recruitment, talk to us.

We offer you a free discovery session to understand your challenges and start taking the first steps together.

Hire the team you need without wasting your working time and take maximum care of your company's image

We save you all the sourcing time thanks to the 90,000 people who are part of Manfred. We transform hundreds of applications into 3 good interviews. Always reviewing and responding to all candidates. Hire better, faster!

I want you to help me hire

Shall we talk?

If you want to know how we work or you have are sure about your needs, fill out this form and we will contact you in less than it takes you to go to prod ^__^