Salary Compass validation archetypes

Posted on January 17, 2023, by Antonio Rodríguez

Our brand new Salary Compass HAS SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY. In case you haven't checked it out yet or don't know what the M we are talking about, head over to our post where we give you the lowdown.

The Salary Compass is a salary benchmark tool that enables you to gauge your financial position within the tech job market and compare your profile with other similar ones.

It works thanks to the data of over 25,000 Manfredites who have consciously entrusted us with their precious information.

Want to know how we built the archetypes to ensure the accuracy of the data? HABEMUS POST!

// The construction of archetypes

It would be pretty impossible to validate all the possible search results that The Salary Compass could generate. So we have created some archetypes - a kind of robot portraits based on the most common job offers that we usually find in Manfred. In order to create this salary benchmark, we have based ourselves on the data that you, and another 25,000 Manfredites like you, have consciously given us. There are already a lot of you out there coming together for the common goal of transparency, but depending on the type of job role, the data may still not be enough to be able to offer you reliable data. As the community grows, this Compass will grow too and get better and better. This Salary Compass is made by you, for you.

We want to show you the archetypes we have used. And also, so that you can see that we are not infallible and that in some of them the information we offer you is not completely exact. Yes we know, "sh*t happens".

It may also occur that when you consult this data, you will not have the same result twice. The Salary Compass is a living software that depends on you with many variables in the mix.

For the SysAdmin position we have thought of a mid-level profile, someone with around 2-5  years of experience. We did not want to include many technologies, we have included the most basic ones, those that a SysAdmin is sure to have. Clearly, the salary is well above the market. After analysing what is happening, we realised that, despite the fact that the sample is not low, a large part (approximately half) of the professionals who have jumped to SRE positions also have "SysAdmin" marked on their profile, which means that the result is flawed.

Something similar happened with the manual QA Profiles. We believe that for a Profile with 2-5 years of experience, the salary returned by the algorithm is high. This is because we do not differentiate between QA Automation and manual QA and our algorithm returns the same results for both. We hope that this will be corrected as we grow our community.

Posted on January 17, 2023, by Antonio Rodríguez
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