Weekly Product Report: we have created our own Support team

Posted on July 1, 2022, by Yago Cousiño

Even though the purely recruiting side of this business is somewhat a marketplace, with companies and job-seekers, we have always known that creating a community of candidates was step number one for building a strong and resilient Manfred.

Our Product strategy puts our community first, as we have an awesome Sales team that serves our clients with a refined process we improve every day. Let's not mistake anyone, we can only showcase the best offers if we have the confidence of good companies, and we are not overlooking that.

Anyway, this week we are launching our own Support team (of one).

Not only a support guy, but an awesome one

Adrián is the kind of colleague you always want in your team. Having a mixed-background and a hard-working mentality, he can fill the many voids that every small team has. You can get to know him better in his presentation post, but so you know, he won't do only support-related tasks, but helping us with the ordering of hardware and many onboardings.

Moreover, there are not only companies and candidates here. Adrián will also be in charge of helping our own Fredders with doubts and issues they have with our own stack. This internal client will also demand resources, and rightly so.

We hope that Adrián does not do this in his first month. ⬇️

Our stack and approach

We are not only hiring professionals to help our community, but we are also investing in some tools that will make the whole support process easy. We are using Freshdesk as the founding base for everything, this flexible tool will allow us to integrate several apps, like Jira (so we can manage the tickets that require an action by the Tech team) or Slack (so we can ingest feedback from our colleagues and process them in an optimized way).

It's all about tagging tickets, selecting the best solution and measure. And then, repeat. Everything in a quick way.

Moreover, we are enabling the Freshdesk plugin, so you can easily give us feedback from the Manfred app.

As always, you can write us at support"at"getmanfred.com, and we will help you too. Either if it's an issue, a suggestion, some doubts or general feedback, we will be there.

Posted on July 1, 2022, by Yago Cousiño
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