How to synchronize your data in Manfred with your GitHub repository

Posted on March 23, 2022, by David

"Your data is yours" is the claim of many professional social networks. We have a different concept of what "yours" should mean.

If your data are yours, you should have the chance to take them with you whenever you want. But exporting your data is USELESS if you do it in an uneditable format (like PDF) or with an unknown structure. For this reason, in Manfred, you can export your data as a JSON file with a public and open-source format, the MAC (or Manfred Awesomic CV).

Manfred User Settings

It's a first step, but what if we get crazy? What if we turn evil or sunset the feature as Stack Overflow made with Developer Stories? It's OK if you don't trust us. We all have enough experience to see our data kidnapped, misused, and thrown in the bin once not needed.

To protect our users from ourselves, we have created a feature to synchronize your data in Manfred with one of your repositories in GitHub. You will always have an updated copy of your data in "your machine" !!!

GitHub Synchronization

It is so radically different from what other websites have done so far that the best way to explain it is to show it.

Posted on March 23, 2022, by David
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