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Access our Manfreditas community: more than 40,000 tech profiles segmented by profile, technology, interests, experience, salary expectations... And manage the process yourself.

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What does Talent Engine offer you?

1. We ensure your market fit

Start the process by knowing your chances of success. We will give you feedback with market data and guide you in writing your offer to make your project shine.

There will always be a Manfred scout with you in the process to help and advise you.

2. Launch your offer, find candidates and we'll put you in touch with them

Create your offer, access all our candidates and filter according to your needs. Active and verified profiles in terms of experience, technologies and culture. Choose the ones you want to meet and we will put you in touch with them.

3. Access to all the information you need

Know in advance the project your candidates are looking for, their preferences in terms of working conditions and their salary expectations in order to negotiate more transparently.

4. Learn from your own data

All processes are measured. We will provide you with key data so you can make decisions based on your own metrics: time-to-hire, candidates per offer, difficulty of the process, etc.

Discover a new way to find talent

Talent Engine will help you hire the right people for the right position.

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Save time and money to focus on what's really important - meeting people. Calculate how much you can save by adding the number of processes, people you interview, time to hire and cost.

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We are building Talent Engine and these are the next steps. You can try it now and start hiring with a significant early adopter discount.

Q4 2023


Platform with company registration and bid creation forms

Q1 2024

Management of anonymised offers and candidates

Manage the different offers from your dashboard and access candidates with their anonymised profile.

We are here!
Q2 2024

Automatic search query

Automated search based on your position requirements

Q3 2024

Provide market information when starting a position

Know the market salary ranges for your position, the success % or the average time-to-hire before searching.

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If you think Talent Engine can help you hire better and save money, contact us. We will answer any questions you may have and we will do a demo of the product with you. No obligation, of course ^_^.

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